Apricot Marbled Rock 60-100mm

These rockery chunks are approx. 60-100mm in size with lovely apricot coloured marbling through each piece and would be an interesting addition to your garden.

Sizes are approx. 60-100mm

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Apricot Marbled Rock 60-100mm
Apricot Marbled Rock 60-100mm Apricot Marbled Rock 60-100mm Apricot Marbled Rock 60-100mm Apricot Marbled Rock 60-100mm

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This product is Not Fish Friendly

Size: Graded 60-100mm

Not Fish Friendly

Suitable Use: Decorative Areas & Landscaping, Gabion Stone or Garden Rockery

Colour: Cream/White with Apricot Marbling

750kg Crate

Area m2
Vol m3
Weight kg
 mm  m



  • Apricot Marbled Cobbles 60-120mm

    Apricot Marbled Cobbles 60-120mm

    These beautiful natural stone cobbles are predominantly white and orange, with the orange colour really coming out when the product is wet making them perfect for water features.

    An excellent decorative product due to its unusual appearance. Available in Crates of approx. 750kg.   Sizing Info

  • Apricot Gravel 14-22mm

    Apricot Gravel 14-22mm

    Apricot 14-22mm is an extremely attractive and unique water worn beach gravel that is apricot, orange and white in colour and made up from a mixture of angular and rounded stones. It can be used for driveways but due to the rounded pieces is more suitable for pathways, decorative use, coastal themed gardens and water features. The actual size of the product is 8-20mm - please see sizing information.

    Prices shown include VAT and delivery.

  • Black Angel Rock 60-100mm

    Black Angel Rock 60-100mm

    These extremely attractive roughly hewn, angular, natural marble pieces are dark grey/charcoal when dry and black when wet with white layers creating a unique contrasting stone product, Perfect for borders or a decorative rockery and are a great choice for any landscaping project. Sizing Info

  • Lilac Marbled Rock 60-100mm

    Lilac Marbled Rock 60-100mm

    Lilac Marbled Rock 60-100mm, beautifully hewn, natural marble stone pieces with a lilac and purple vein throughout. The unusual colour combined with the angular shape create a unique decorative product for any garden or landscaping scheme..

    Available in crates of approx. 750kg only.  Sizing Info

  • Rustic Red Rock 60-100mm

    Rustic Red Rock 60-100mm

    Rustic Red Rock 60-100mm are unique, natural and roughly hewn marble stone pieces which will add a touch of colour and interest to any garden project. The Rusty red and white layers with orange flecks are more prominent when the stone is wet so would look great as a part of a decorative garden water feature.  Sizing Info

    Prices shown below include VAT & Delivery - with no hidden extras. Available in 750kg Crates only
  • Mediterranean Mixed Cobbles 60-120mm

    Mediterranean Mixed Cobbles 60-120mm

    These stunning multi-coloured Mediterranean Mixed Cobbles are approx. 60-120mm in size.  Colours are a mixture of the Angel Green, Red, White, Apricot and Grey/Black Cobbles with occasional white banding running through some of them.

    These Tumbled Cobbles are smooth and rounded and will add instant colour to any landscaping project making a real statement.  Bagged in 20kg netted bags that are in stock and available for delivery on a 2/3 working day or next day service. 

     Sizing Info