Oriental Quad Cobbles

We're offering something a little different with our Oriental Quad Cobbles, giving you a combination crate of some of our most popular stones. Cobbles measuring approximately 60 to 120mm in four contrasting, but complimentary colours, including our Apricot Marbled Cobbles, Black Angel Cobbles, Lilac Marbled Cobbles and Rustic Red Cobbles, each offering their own character and detail to complete the mix of stone.

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Oriental Quad Cobbles
Oriental Quad Cobbles Oriental Quad Cobbles Oriental Quad Cobbles

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Oriental Quad Cobbles 60mm to 120mm

Application: Decorative landscaping, Water features

Stone: Includes Apricot Marbled Cobbles, Black Angel CobblesLilac Marbled Cobbles and Rustic Red Cobbles

Size: Graded 60mm to 120mm Approx

Weight: Supplied in full Crates of 750kg Approx

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  • Oriental Quad Boulders

    Oriental Quad Boulders

    This beautiful selection crate contains an exotic mix of four types of boulders, it could contain Red Laguna, Angel, White, Silver Grey or Rainbow Boulders so please call us to find out which four types of boulders we currently have available to make up your crate. Main uses are for landscaping, rockeries, ponds and water features. The size of each boulder is around 250mm and each crate contains approx. 1 tonne which equates to approx. 70 boulders. Please note that the current photo shows the Red Laguna, Angel, Silver Grey and Rainbow´╗┐ Boulders.

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  • Lilac Marbled Cobbles 60-120mm

    Lilac Marbled Cobbles 60-120mm

    Lilac Marbled Cobbles 60-120mm are beautiful natural marble stones that are white with lilac and purple banding. An excellent decorative product due to its unusual appearance. Available in crates of approx. 750kg only.  Sizing Info

  • Black Angel Cobbles 60-100mm

    Black Angel Cobbles 60-100mm

    These Black Angel Cobbles are an extremely attractive natural marble stone that look dark grey/charcoal when dry and black when wet with white veining.  Perfect for borders, and proving a great choice for any landscaping project.. Sizing Info

    Only 2 Crates are in stock so please check before ordering to avoid disappointment.
  • Apricot Marbled Cobbles 60-120mm

    Apricot Marbled Cobbles 60-120mm

    These beautiful natural stone cobbles are predominantly white and orange, with the orange colour really coming out when the product is wet making them perfect for water features.

    An excellent decorative product due to its unusual appearance. Available in Crates of approx. 750kg.   Sizing Info

  • Rainbow Cobbles 40-90mm

    Rainbow Cobbles 40-90mm

    These naturally rounded and tumbled sandstone cobbles are creamy buff/beige in colour with red and orange stripes running through them. A unique cobble that will really make your garden stand out. These cobbles are beautiful when wet, making them ideal for water features, borders and edging. For a smaller size stone please see the Rainbow pebbles 20-40mm Please see Sizing Info

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  • Black Cobbles 40-90mm

    Black Cobbles 40-90mm

    These naturally tumbled Black Cobbles 40-90mm look fantastic when wet so are ideal for water features but are equally effective for garden borders and small gabion baskets  - they will provide a great contrast to any garden project. The cobbles are rounded in shape and look dark grey when dry and black when wet. 

    Please note that the stock we have in at the moment has the occasional larger sized cobble than the size stated.

    Black Pebbles 20-40mm also available. Please see  Sizing Info

    Prices shown below include VAT & Delivery - with no hidden extras.
  • Rustic Red Cobbles 60-120mm

    Rustic Red Cobbles 60-120mm

    Rustic Red Cobbles 60-120mm, these unique, natural marble stone cobbles will add interest to any garden project. Red and white with orange flecks the colours are more prominent when wet so look great in water features.  Sizing Info

    Prices shown below include VAT & Delivery - with no hidden extras. Available in 750kg Crates only
  • Speckled Cobbles 60-120mm

    Speckled Cobbles 60-120mm

    The Speckled Granite Cobbles are graded between 60 and 120mm with a rounded shape and are finely detailed with flecks of colour that darken when the stones are wet to produce a unique, modern look for your garden project and to compliment them, we also stock Speckled Pebbles 30-60mm for additional size variation in your decorative landscape area. However, if you like these stones but need larger pieces, please take a look at our Speckled Boulders 150-300mm.

    Prices include standard 2 working day delivery (not including weekends or bank holidays) and VAT
  • Duck Egg Cobbles 60-120mm

    Duck Egg Cobbles 60-120mm

    The NEW Duck Egg Cobbles have a pastel colouring with subtle shades which are predominantly blue-grey with additional white, green, brown and yellow-buff that darken when the cobbles are wet showing further layers and depth of colour. Unlike other cobbles in our range, these have a smoother surface naturally tumbled over years. These cobbles are graded from 60 to 120mm and are supplied in a Bulk Bag of approximately 875kg, enough to cover approx. 5m² at a depth of 100mm.  Suitable for all decorative areas, water features and being "fish friendly" thay can be used in ponds for an attractive and unique finish for a modern landscaping project. 

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  • Mediterranean Mixed Cobbles 60-120mm

    Mediterranean Mixed Cobbles 60-120mm

    These stunning multi-coloured Mediterranean Mixed Cobbles are approx. 60-120mm in size.  Colours are a mixture of the Angel Green, Red, White, Apricot and Grey/Black Cobbles with occasional white banding running through some of them.

    These Tumbled Cobbles are smooth and rounded and will add instant colour to any landscaping project making a real statement.  Bagged in 20kg netted bags that are in stock and available for delivery on a 2/3 working day or next day service. 

     Sizing Info