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Silver Grey Pebbles 20-40mm

These rounded angular granite pebbles are an attractive, elegant, hardwearing and versatile product that are very pleasing to the eye. They can be used for numerous applications including gabion stone walls, water features and general landscaping. They offer a unique stylish finish and are ideal for creating a modern garden design and are a perfect addition to a water feature as they look stunning both wet or dry. These beautiful pebbles are a naturally quarried product so may have variations in formation, size, colour or shape. Please also see our Silver Grey Boulders 200-400mm and Silver Grey Cobbles 40-90mm.

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The pictures show the product wet and dry.

Silver Grey Pebbles 20-40mm
Silver Grey Pebbles 20-40mm Silver Grey Pebbles 20-40mm

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This product is Fish Friendly

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Applications: Landscaping, Aquatics, Ponds and Water Features, Fish Friendly, Rockeries

Main Uses: Hard-landscaping, Water Features

Colour: Silver, Grey

Size: 20-40mm

Shape: Angular/Rounded

Rock Type: Granite

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  • Silver Grey Cobbles 40-90mm

    Silver Grey Cobbles 40-90mm

    These unique rounded and tumbled granite cobbles offer an elegant grey speckled look with hints of silver. They look attractive when wet or dry – use to create a focal point in your garden or to enhance any landscaping project or water feature. These increasingly popular cobbles have a wide range of uses including landscaping, gabion stone walls, garden features and weed suppression and can create a low maintenance garden that will look beautiful all year round. A naturally quarried product so there may be slight variations in formation, size, colour or shape.  200-400mm Silver Grey Boulders and Silver Grey Pebbles 10-40mm are also available.  Please see Sizing Info

    Prices shown below include VAT & Delivery.

  • Dove Grey Pebbles 8-15mm

    Dove Grey Pebbles 8-15mm

    Naturally rounded and tumbled Dove Grey 8-15mm is a charming mix of light and mid grey pebbles that can subtly enhance your garden without being overpowering. They are hardwearing and as a fish friendly product these elegant pebbles are ideal for use in water features but are equally attractive for paths, containers, plant pots, internal projects and other landscaping projects.  As a naturally quarried product there may be variations in size, colour and shape. See sizing information. For mixing and matching or for a larger size of this product please see Dove Grey Cobbles 40-90mm.  

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  • Silver Grey Granite 14mm

    Silver Grey Granite 14mm

    Also known as Cornish Silver Granite, this attractive, very hardwearing and unique silver / grey stone with darker flecks offers a very individual look. Uses include paths, drives, general landscaping, water features and oriental gardens. Lighter in colour when dry and a sparkly black speckled colour when wet it can add a contemporary look to any garden. The actual size of this angular stone is 8-14mm (please see sizing information) and as a naturally quarried product it can vary in size, shape and colour. Also available is our 10mm Silver Grey.

    Prices shown below include VAT & Delivery - with no hidden extras.