Speckled Cobbles 60-120mm

The Speckled Granite Cobbles are graded between 60 and 120mm with a rounded shape and are finely detailed with flecks of colour that darken when the stones are wet to produce a unique, modern look for your garden project and to compliment them, we also stock Speckled Pebbles 30-60mm for additional size variation in your decorative landscape area. However, if you like these stones but need larger pieces, please take a look at our Speckled Boulders 150-300mm.

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Speckled Cobbles 60-120mm
Speckled Cobbles 60-120mm Speckled Cobbles 60-120mm Speckled Cobbles 60-120mm

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Size: 60-120mm

Suitable for Landscaping, Gabion Stone and Aquatics (Fish Friendly)

Colour: Predominantly cream and yellow with speckles of black, grey and brown with a slight sparkle

Shape: Rounded Tumbled Cobbles

Rock Type: Granite

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  • Silver Grey Cobbles 40-90mm

    Silver Grey Cobbles 40-90mm

    These unique rounded and tumbled granite cobbles offer an elegant grey speckled look with hints of silver. They look attractive when wet or dry – use to create a focal point in your garden or to enhance any landscaping project or water feature. These increasingly popular cobbles have a wide range of uses including landscaping, gabion stone walls, garden features and weed suppression and can create a low maintenance garden that will look beautiful all year round. A naturally quarried product so there may be slight variations in formation, size, colour or shape.  200-400mm Silver Grey Boulders and Silver Grey Pebbles 10-40mm are also available.  Please see Sizing Info

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  • Silver Grey Pebbles 20-40mm

    Silver Grey Pebbles 20-40mm

    These rounded angular granite pebbles are an attractive, elegant, hardwearing and versatile product that are very pleasing to the eye. They can be used for numerous applications including gabion stone walls, water features and general landscaping. They offer a unique stylish finish and are ideal for creating a modern garden design and are a perfect addition to a water feature as they look stunning both wet or dry. These beautiful pebbles are a naturally quarried product so may have variations in formation, size, colour or shape. Please also see our Silver Grey Boulders 200-400mm and Silver Grey Cobbles 40-90mm.

    Sizing Info

    The pictures show the product wet and dry.

  • Lilac Marbled Cobbles 60-120mm

    Lilac Marbled Cobbles 60-120mm

    Lilac Marbled Cobbles 60-120mm are beautiful natural marble stones that are white with lilac and purple banding. An excellent decorative product due to its unusual appearance. Available in crates of approx. 750kg only.  Sizing Info

  • Scottish Cobbles 40-90mm

    Scottish Cobbles 40-90mm

    These naturally rounded highland granite Scottish Cobbles are a lovely mix of cream, brown, orange brown, pink and bluey grey colours. Lighter when dry but particularly attractive when wet as the colours really come out so ideal for water features and perfect for marginal planting, general landscaping, gabions and rockeries. They are too large for paths as not easy to walk on. The Scottish range are amongst our most popular products & they can be mixed& matched with other sizes 8-16mm, 8-20mm, 14-20mm, 20-40mm, 30-50mm, 100-200mm, 200-300mm, 300-600mm & 600-900mm.  Sizing Info

  • Speckled Pebbles 30-60mm

    Speckled Pebbles 30-60mm

    Our NEW Speckled Pebbles measure between 30 & 60mm and have a tumbled, rounded shape, perfect for any decorative garden project. These pebbles have a unique, finely detailed yellow colouring with flecks of black, grey and brown that darken when wet providing a beautiful, unique addition to your garden. Why not compliment these pebbles by ordering them with our Speckled Cobbles 60-120mm. Or for something larger, we also have Speckled Boulders 150-300mm.

    Prices include 2 working day delivery (not including weekends or bank holidays) and VAT
  • Speckled Boulders 150-300mm

    Speckled Boulders 150-300mm

    These beautifully speckled granite boulders are a perfect addition to a modern style garden. The flecks of blacks, greys and browns have sparkly areas and when wet the colour is intensified providing natural variation and detail. Graded between 150mm & 300mm, they are supplied in a crate and are suitable for decorative projects and all landscaping projects.  Being "fish friendly" thay can also be used for aquatics and water features. Looking for something smaller? Why not take a look at our Speckled Cobbles 60-120mm or Speckled Pebbles 30-60mm.