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Recent Testimonial:

"Just wanted to thank you for the excellent product and service. 10mm Trent Pea Gravel delivered yesterday clean and inline with detailed specification. I will definitely use your company again and recommend you to others."

Barry F - 21st November 2016
Trent Pea Gravel 10mm

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Large Cobbles & Boulders

Unlike some of our other products, large cobbles and boulders are often used for practical rather than aesthetic reasons such as those of their smaller counterparts.

Despite this, we recognise that not all our customers’ needs are the same and we’ve endeavoured to create a product range of large cobbles and boulders that suit all requirements. 

For instance, while our Rainbow Boulders have excellent practical applications, they still are immediately striking to the eye with lovely red and orange stripes running throughout.

Stone Warehouse Suggests...

When positioning large cobbles and boulders in your landscaping project, think about burying a small portion of the rock beneath the ground.  This will subsequently make your cobble or boulder appear to be more natural and homogenous to the space. 

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