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"Dear Stone Warehouse,
On Monday I made my first order with you, arranged for a 10.00am drop for today, the gravel was delivered at 09.30 and is excellent quality, thank you so much. Fantastic service and I would thoroughly recommend your co."

Mr Hawkes, Farnham, Surrey - Derbyshire Gold 10-20mm

Gravel & Chippings

Driveway and Footpath Gravel

Gravel used on a Driveway

Angular gravel and chippings that are typically 14 or 20mm in size tend to be the most suitable for driveways, this is because the pieces lock together when driven on and are less likely to rut. To avoid the gravel eventually crushing down under the weight of vehicles, try to choose a product that consists of either a granite, basalt or flint as these are much harder wearing.

Again for footpaths, angular chippings are better as the pieces lock together when walked on. We find that 10mm gravels or larger are the most popular for footpaths as these don't get stuck in shoe treds or wash away easily in heavy rain.

Golden Gravel 20mm (known typically as Corn Flint) is a very popular choice for driveways throughout the UK due to its hard wearing nature and relatively low price.

Decorative Garden Gravel

Gravel can also be used to spruce up borders and flower beds around the garden.

How much Gravel will I need?

For both of the above applications, our recommended minimum laying depth is 50mm (about 2 inches).

Before your purchase, you might like to use our gravel calculator to work out the specific quantity your require. Just enter the width, length and depth of the area you need to cover and our calculator will do the rest.

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