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"Not a query - just a thank you. My plum slate rockery stone arrived today and I am very pleased with the quality and quantity for the price. Some of the pieces were much bigger than stated, but thankfully help was at hand, otherwise I'm not sure what I would have done. I guesstimated the quantity just about right and my new rockery looks fab- all I need to do now is get the plants in."

Anne-Louise - 19th April 2017
Plum Slate Rockery

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Rubber Chippings For Landscaping

Our Rubber Chipping range is perfect for all landscaping projects, particularly effective when used in borders.  This highly effective weed deterrent lasts much longer than other mulches.  It allows 100% of water and nutrients to get through to the soil, and protects plant roots from freezing.  These Rubber Chips are available in 8 different colours, are easy to lay and immediately give you a colourful weed free border.

Rubber Chippings Depth

Rubber chippings help keep dogs and cats of your borders, and this product does not harbour plant pests or insects.

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