Gravel Calculator

This gravel calculator is a rough guide to give you an idea of how much gravel you will need to cover an area, such as a gravel driveway. The depth required depends on the size of gravel and what the intended use for it is. As a general rule, 10mm gravel would be laid at around 3cm deep but on gravel driveways a deeper layer is required.

10mm gravel usually required more maintenance as it has a tendency to rut, especially on gravel drives, so more effort is required to keep it level. 20mm gravel would need to be laid at around 4cm and deeper on gravel drives, but this is sturdier and will require less maintenance than the 10mm gravel.The number of bulk bags of gravel required depends on the size of the gravel, the area and depth you want to cover. An area of 5m by 5m that you wish to cover 4cm deep would need approximately 2 gravel bags, although this can vary between kinds of gravel.

If you want to order gravel online you can do so at Stone Warehouse, but if you are ordering a lot of gravel bags for a large area and want to check with us to make sure the amount is right, call us on 01629 636 212.

Gravel Chippings


Rubber Chippings

Useful Coverage recommended depth 50mm Useful Coverage recommended depth 100mm As rubber chippings have a different density than gravel, please use the following table to calculate quantities required:

1 bag = 0.25mapprox.  1 bag = 0.12m2 approx.
 4 bags = 1mapprox. 8 bags = 1m2 approx.
1 Bulk Bag (875kg) = 10m2 approx. 1 Bulk Bag (875kg) will cover approx. 5m2 approx.
Area m2
Vol m3
Weight kg
 mm  m