• Creating a Low Maintenance Stone Border

    09 Dec, 2016 14:51

    If weeding borders isn’t a task you relish (and let's admit, it rarely is) then hopefully this blog will be of some help.

    Spending time outside enjoying your garden is great, however busy lifestyles these days mean less time to keep your garden looking how you would like it. It’s become increasingly common for people to redesign their garden with low-maintenance in mind.

    Weeding borders can take up a lot of valuable garden time, to cut down on this we would suggest creating a border that is easy to create and maintain, consisting of gravel, slate, pebbles or cobbles.

    The type, size or colour of stone is down to personal taste and what will fit well within your garden scheme. If you are looking for a fairly flat finished effect we would recommend using an angular gravel or slate product that beds together and lies flatter than pebbles or cobbles.

    We wouldn’t recommend using a rounded stone larger than around 100mm for a border as the gaps between stones could increase the chance of weeds growing through.

    We have put together a simple guide to creating a stone border:

    • First clear the area removing any plants and dig over the soil so there are no bumps.
    • Next lay your weed control membrane; we suggest pegging it down to ensure it is secure. This is important as blocks out light for the weeds and keeps the stone cleaner.
    • Then lay down your chosen stone. We have a huge range of Gravels, Slates, Pebbles and Cobbles. The gravel in the picture is our Moonstone which is a flint product and is ideal as is both hardwearing and angular so lies fairly flat. We have also shown a picture of our Plum Slate creating a border which is a very popular choice with our customers.
    • Once your stone is laid you can add height and interest to the boarders with ornaments or different sizes of pebbles or cobbles.

    If you want plants within your border, ensure you introduce air into the soil when digging it over. You can add peat free compost into the soil if it is heavy or fertiliser to improve the quality. Plan the position of plants while laying the membrane and cut a cross big enough to accommodate the plant. Remove enough soil to fit the plant and have a container nearby to put the soil into so it doesn’t fall back onto the membrane. After planting, fold back the edges of the membrane to form a tight seal around the plant.

    If you are looking for a light, bright border have a look at our Cotswold, Polar White, Onyx or White Pebbles and Cobbles. For more contemporary colours we have Charcoal Slate, Black Basalt, Black Ice or Black Pebbles and Cobbles. If you are looking for something eye catching or a little different our Flamingo, Ice Blue, Red Granite or Oriental Pebbles could work well.

    Our huge range of stone ensures we will have something to fit within any garden projects. Please feel free to call us for advice on finding the perfect stone for your border.