• Building a Gabion Basket

    04 Nov, 2016 15:36

    Gabion baskets can be used within your garden to create a unique and tailored look in the form of a wall or seating area.

    At Stone Warehouse we have a range of gabion baskets in different sizes from 27cm cubes which are ideal for smaller spaces to larger 75cm cubes which can be used for seating or as a retaining wall in bigger landscaping projects.

    The baskets are made of galvanised steel so are extremely hardwearing and rust resistant.

    Before creating your gabion basket feature ensure you have cleared a solid, flat and stable surface for the baskets to be set on. If you’re creating a seating area you will need to level the ground.

    Your gabion basket will arrive flat packed, in order to assemble it, first raise the face panel and a side panel so they are in a vertical position next to each other.

    Then helical the joints together, ensuring the last turn at either end of the helical is turned through 90 degrees with pliers to lock it into position. Then helical the back and other side panels together in the same way.

     The type of stone you choose to put in the baskets is important as you don’t want anything that will be too small and fall through the gaps. We recommend using cobbles, paddlestones and boulders, all of which must be over 50mm (5cm) in size.

    Using one colour of stone can work well when building a wall but layering can help create a highly decorative feature or unique overall pattern. The products we have layered are our Large Slate Paddlestones and Cotswold Cobbles.

    It isn’t necessary to fill all the gaps between stones but do ensure you fill horizontally and fully to the top to prevent any bowing if weight is applied from above.

    If building a bench, we recommend finishing off with a wooden seat and cushion for that added touch.

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