How Big Is A Bulk Bag?

How Big Is A Bulk Bag?

Most bulk bags (also called dumpy bags, tonne bags and jumbo bags) sit around 80cm to 90cm high and around 75cm to 85cm wide. This is dependent on the weight of the product in it as the size can vary.

Additionally bulk bags are often standing on a pallet which is normally around 1m by 1.2 metres wide with the pallet itself being around 9cm high. These sizes relate to a standard pallet.

We only have to look outside our office to see a lot of bulk bags! However we often find our customers don’t realise how big these bags actually are and are then surprised by how much space they take up.

Yard full of white bulk bags, stacked two high.
Bulk Bags

This blog will help to put the size of a bulk bag into perspective!

Now we realise this can be hard to picture when you are trying to imagine it sitting outside your house. Therefore here is a picture of two people standing next to a bulk bag to give you a clearer idea.

2 people standing either side of a bulk bag to show how big it is. It is waist height on the smaller person and hip height on the taller person.

The person to the left is 5ft 4 which is 164cm height and the bulk bag is about waist height. The second person is 5ft 9 which is 179cm height and the bag comes up to their hip.

The majority of bulk bags should hold between 800 – 900kg filled (that’s nearly a tonne by the way) so are actually quite big and heavy!

We hope this blog helps you understand the size of a bulk bag. Watch our video that further illustrates its size.

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