A Contemporary City Garden

A Contemporary City Garden

Joanna Brinkman, of Pots of Style and William Scholey of Scholey Garden Design form the perfect partnership. Their recent collaboration produced this stunning contemporary city garden that features our Black Limestone Chippings 10mm.

Picture of the garden before

Working in Northamptonshire and London, they beat a record number of applicants to compete in the popular Long Border competition at The RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. Their shared passion for horticulture and expertise in planting within rural and urban gardens, won them a Silver Gilt medal for their border.

This urban garden only took 6 weeks from design to completion. It transformed a previously under-utilised garden containing a strip of lawn surrounded by narrow shrub borders. As their clients could see their whole garden from the existing terrace, they felt no real need to venture into it. They contacted Joanna and William as they wanted this to change.

The Brief

The clients wanted to enjoy their outside space and have somewhere to entertain friends and family. Therefore, it needed to be an area that accommodated people of all ages in a relaxed style. To blend with their surroundings, they also required a sleek, contemporary look for their city garden.

The Design

The design called for a verdant green oasis for use in all weathers. It also needed to include planting that stood out from the hard landscaping in contrast. As the garden is north facing, it provided Joanna and William with the ideal opportunity to create drama and atmosphere. This was done using carefully selected woodland edge planting in rich green colour tones.

Shot of city garden from the side displaying the green planting.
Green Oasis

The outside space was also designed to be split into different rooms. This was so people could sit and enjoy the garden separately as well as together. However it also needed to offer the opportunity for larger gatherings. 

As the garden is on view all year round, the garden needed to offer interest and different focal points within the space. The separate rooms and seating areas provide this.

The Products

Our Black Limestone Chippings 10mm feature throughout the garden to connect the different areas. At the same time they form a natural partnership with the lighter granite pavers. These pavers featured in two sizes within the space. The larger size creates the terrace, whilst the thinner ones are used horizontally to create a pathway. As the garden is long and thin, the use of them in this way helps to make the garden appear wider.

Black Limestone gravel and pavers

The gravel and pavers create a harmonious look within the hard landscaping which allows the planting to shine. These plants have been chosen to offer colour all year round and add drama to the space. These include Alchemilla, Tellima, Digitalis, Brunnera, Astrantia, Anemanthele and Aquilegia as well as the favourite, Hydrangea aspera Villosa.  

Ferns were chosen for texture and are a perennial feature of all their designs. They also provide year round structure.  Furthermore, the detail of the Sagina subulata between the pavers was key to this contemporary city garden. This is because they add a textural contrast with the thin set pavers used in the path.  

The Challenges

The main challenge was due to access issues as all materials were brought through the house. Joanna and William had to manoeuvre all materials though a recently painted hallway and over a newly oiled wooden floor. Luckily they managed it without removing any paint or oil from the access route!

Pots of Style and Scholey Garden Design told us “The clients are Australian restaurateurs who own Lantana. A London based chain of cafes that have been bringing the Aussie coffee and food scene to London since 2008.  As designers, we knew that a relaxed style and enjoying good food was always going to form a big part of this garden’s function.  The project was completed before the start of Lockdown 1 and was ideally suited to spreading out into the garden and working from home. However we know the best is yet to come for lively gatherings of family and friends.”

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