Brian’s Low Maintenance Front Garden

Brian’s Low Maintenance Front Garden

With time on his hands due to lockdown, our customer Brian decided to add a touch of the Mediterranean to his low maintenance front garden.

The Inspiration & Design

Due to the garden at the front of the house being so small, it was difficult to maintain a grassed area. Therefore, previously he had installed a maintenance free artificial lawn. However he wanted a different feel to his garden and drew on inspiration from his holiday home in Spain.

The garden before

Hot Spanish climate plants need little watering. Gravel or pebbles are often used within gardens to help the soil retain moisture.

Smaller plants are generally selected as larger plants have root systems that are too shallow and cannot adapt. Larger plants will also be dependent on irrigation.

Therefore small plants and decorative aggregates are an intrinsic part of a Mediterranean design. These are elements that Brian knew he wanted to include.

The Products

Brian started by removing the artificial grass and erecting railings to separate the area from the pavement. To create the required low maintenance aspect of the garden, he covered the area with our Mediterranean Pebbles 20-30mm. These would then be interspersed with a selection of plants.

Luckily the garden is South West facing so receives plenty of sunlight. Therefore he visited a nursery to choose a range of hardy alpine plants of different sizes. These include the smaller Japanese Witch Hazel along with a Robina Tree. These plants require little upkeep so are perfect for his low maintenance front garden.

Then came the stone selection. Brian browsed a few sites to find the right size and type of stone to complement the plants he purchased. He chose to order from us due to our range and clear options.

Cambrian Boulders 150-300mm create the rockery. They also add height and interest to the space. The natural colour tones of the Cambrians also blend beautifully with the surrounding area.

Our Mediterranean Mixed Cobbles 60-100mm were also selected. These were in keeping with the Spanish theme and the colour tones perfectly complement the pebbles. The Mediterranean Pebbles provide an attractive ground covering and the Mediterranean Mixed Cobbles are placed to add an extra dimension to the garden.


The whole project only took a week to complete. Brian told us he is very pleased with the result of his new low maintenance front garden. Watch his video on this stunning space below.

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