Reuben’s Landscapes – Club Tropicana

Reuben’s Landscapes – Club Tropicana

Club Tropicana is a bold and beautiful low maintenance garden. Our customer Reuben’s Landscape Design Ltd, created it in just 12 weeks.

Reubens Landscapes are a family run business who have earned a reputation for being dependable, efficient and professional. They offer a range of landscaping services in and around the Suffolk area.

The Design

Lawn before the garden transformation started.
Previous area

The previous garden was mainly grass with a few patio slabs and pebbles edging the lawn so the clients wanted a complete revamp. The brief therefore required a low maintenance, colourful garden complete with sunbathing area and a space to entertain friends and family. They also required a shaded spot to relax and unwind along with a water feature to provide the soothing trickling sound of running water.

Keeping these requirements in mind, Reubens Landscapes decided to bring a tropical holiday vibe to the space. This is so the clients feel happy and relaxed every time they set foot in the garden.

As a garden designer, Reuben has always loved working with rocks and pebbles. Therefore this type of low maintenance garden design is his speciality.

The Products

To fulfil the low maintenance element of the design, a selection of Scottish Pebbles and Scottish Cobbles were chosen. The clients didn’t want grass, therefore the pebbles and cobbles are used for decorative purposes and are small enough to be walked over.

Longstone Rockery Stone with Scottish Pebbles. These line the river water feature in the garden.
Longstone Rockery with Scottish Pebbles & Cobbles

Our Longstone Rockery also features. It breaks up the pebbles and blends seamlessly with the colour tones. The Longstone Rockery Stone also lines the edge of the river water feature that runs through the garden. A bespoke small wooden bridge crosses over the water feature and combines the two areas. Additionally the colour tones of the bridge match those in the wooden fencing panels which run around the edge of the garden.

The wood also matches a small decking area that hosts a Bio-Ethanol Fire pit. This type of fire pit features real flames and is a sustainable solution for experiencing real fire in your garden. The bottom of the firepit is decorated with Scottish Pebbles and Cobbles.

Bio Ethanol fire pit surrounded by wooden decking.
Bio-Ethanol Fire pit

A selection of colourful plants have been chosen. These include Miscathus grasses and perennials, alongside evergreen ferns in the shady areas of the garden. Trachycarpus Fortunei palm trees were also used to bring a holiday feel to the space.

The incredible Living Wall is another feature within the garden and adds more lush greenery to the outside area.

Colourful lizards decorate the walls to complement the colour tones of the plants and break up the red brick walls. The lizards also add to the holiday vibe as a reminder of animals commonly found in warmer climates. The clients themselves chose the lizards as loved the vibrant colour tones.

The Entertainment Space

Wooden outside bar area and green living wall.
Outside Bar Area and green living wall

To reflect an outside bar area abroad, a unique wooden decking and seating area was created onsite. The wood replicates that used within the main garden space to create the bridge and surround the fire pit.

The wooden decking then continues under a hand made pergola. This houses a sheltered dining and entertainment area that includes a hot tub. Again the wooden pergola blends seamlessly with other wooden elements in the garden. Colourful bulbs beautifully light the area at night to bring a tropical feel to the outside room.

The Finished Garden

This complete garden transformation cost between £40,000 to £80,000 and has delighted the clients. They now have an incredible tropical garden filled with holiday vibes and we think the title Club Tropicana is perfect for this space.

Watch the video below for a tour around the fantastic Club Tropicana.

Reuben’s Landscapes have also used our Longstone Rockery in another of their spectacular garden designs. This Japanese Tea House Garden features a selection of Scottish Pebbles and Cobbles and the colour tones blend beautifully with the pink/grey hues of the Longstone Rockery Stone.

Japanese Tea House Garden
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