Lost Habitat® – Wildlife Pond

Lost Habitat® – Wildlife Pond

As their name suggests, Lost Habitat® specialise in restoring, conserving and maintaining natural habitats. Developing a stunning wildlife pond is just one of the range of services they offer. All their services are designed to enhance ecosystems and protect biodiversity.

Located in Devon, Lost Habitat® value working with nature to encourage wildlife into their clients outside spaces.

Wildlife pond with Cambrian boulders lining the edge and blue grey pebbles around it.

The Brief

As the garden was overlooking an estuary, a pond was required that would encourage wildlife into the garden. As well as being good for wildlife migration, this pond needed to blend into its surroundings. Finally the wildlife pond had to provide enjoyment for the clients.

The Design

Lost Habitat® had a large area to work within which previously had just been a tired grass area with an old fountain. Due to the property being close to the sea, the colours used within the design had to reflect those already found in the garden.

Patch of grass with grey concrete fountain in the middle

Also to complement the surroundings, the wildlife pond was styled to offer access for wildlife such as newts and frogs. It also provided a beach effect with boulders above the water’s surface for birds to safely drink from. Furthermore it added a positive aesthetic value to the design.

The Products

A selection of our Cambrian Boulders are used in both 150 – 300mm and 200 – 300mm sizes. This was to create a natural look with different size boulders. The Cambrian Boulders also provided numerous areas for birds and amphibians to perch.

Cambrian boulders being used to surround the pond.
Cambrian Boulders Surrounding the Pond

Alongside the boulders our decorative Ocean Blue Pebbles 14mm featured. These pebbles provide the required beach effect that blends with the colour tones of the nearby estuary.

Our Large Slate Paddlestones also lined the edge of the pond and provided a different style and texture to the boulders. The plum/blue tones of the Large Paddlestones blend beautifully with the colours of the Ocean Blue Pebbles.

Completed wildlife pond with boulders, large paddlestones and Ocean Blue Pebbles surrounding it.

This wildlife pond features minimal planting currently as many of the water plants have yet to grow. Additionally the planted wildflower seeds should start to germinate in the Spring. These plants will encourage many butterflies, insects, bees, and birds. Currently the few aquatic plants visible are native for encouraging dragonflies and damselflies which would normally be found in this environment.

Due to current logistic and supply chain issues, Lost Habitat® ensured they ordered all materials for delivery 4 weeks before they were required.

The Client

Naturally the clients were delighted with their new wildlife pond and had this to say, ‘Andy you capture the transformation way better than we can. We are thrilled with our new pond!

Watch the video of this incredible wildlife pond to see the full transformation and tour around it.

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