Georgia Lindsay Garden Design – The Sculpture Garden

Georgia Lindsay Garden Design – The Sculpture Garden

It’s not everyday you get to design a garden for celebrities. However when Georgia Lindsay found she had comedian/presenter and super stylish fashion model clients, she knew she was going to have a garden brimming with personality. And just like that The Sculpture Garden was born.

Joel Dommett and Hannah Cooper had requested a chilled vibe within their outside space and we certainly think Georgia delivered. We interviewed Georgia to find out more about this incredible project.

What was the inspiration behind The Sculpture Garden design?

I am always inspired by my clients first and foremost. There isn’t any point creating a garden, no matter how beautiful, if my clients don’t bond with it. I’m very happy to say in this case my clients were bursting with personality and humour.

Both husband and wife brought a huge amount of input to the design process and relished the opportunity to brainstorm ideas through the early days of Lockdown. Their striking home is adorned with graffiti art and very cool cladding and furniture. Therefore it was evident the garden needed to have a connection to their bold design sense.  

What was the starting point and what did you hope to achieve within The Sculpture Garden?

The garden layout was very awkward, ending in a long point in the far right corner.  Your eye was drawn to a full stop congested with weeds. I felt strongly this needed to be addressed as a priority.

the sculpture garden before work commenced showing mature trees with dark shady areas.
The garden before work commenced

The rest of the garden had many redeeming features with mature trees and Victorian brick walls on two sides. I was keen to create a strong focal point and also form a connection to the raised terrace which ran the full width of the house.  

Talk us through the product choices.

The existing decking had a silvered quality to it so I wanted to reflect this in the paving planks used on the lower part of the sculpture garden. ‘Light Grey’ porcelain paving was finally selected from London Stone for a contemporary feel. Stone Warehouse Dove Grey Pebbles 8-15mm were the perfect partner to compliment the porcelain.

Dove Grey Pebbles combined with porcelain and wooden fencing
Dove Grey Pebbles between the porcelain paving

The plinth and pebble seats were made bespoke to match the tones of porcelain and gravel. Torc pots did a superb job at creating just the right match. To counteract the grey I was keen to use natural wood for the vertical screen to bring some warmth into the design.

Iroko hard wood was selected for its gentle grain and incredibly durable qualities. To add to the durability we elevated the screen on metal shoes. This not only reduced the chance of rotting from the base but added a beautiful floating quality to the design.

The sculpture is really striking, how did you choose this?

My clients actually spotted this midway through the design process and fell in love with it. Even though it wouldn’t be my personal choice I was thrilled that it connected with them and their existing artwork. It added a humorous element which was perfect for them.

The bespoke plinth was commissioned to showcase the proportions of the apple and elevate it to the ideal height. This means the position of the sculpture is exactly central to the raised seating area. Thus creating a symmetrical focal point. The curved screen gently curls to the right to conceal the dead end angle therefore pulling the receding side of the garden back into focus.

The graffiti art sculpture which led to the name sculpture garden
Graffiti Art Sculpture

The terrace looks very inviting, can you tell me more about the lighting for the garden?

My clients really wanted to create a cosy vibe and use festoon lights to give a party atmosphere. To facilitate this we added three cantilevered powder coated posts which sit in  three planting wells. The posts enabled us to crisscross the festoon lights over the seating area, fully enclosing it. The desired effect was achieved and it’s now such an inviting space at night. Along with the Eco smart fire table it creates a warm and sparkling place to relax and enjoy the rest of the garden.

Terraced area in sculpture garden
Terraced area

The apple sculpture was very carefully lit with elegant spike lights made by Hudson Lighting. I didn’t want the lights themselves to be too visible. Therefore a discrete fitting was used, ensuring the sculpture was illuminated without detracting from the planting below. The rest of the lighting was designed to subtly showcase the planting from within. The screen is silhouetted against the lighting with dramatic effect.    

Talk us through your plant choices

There is a tropical vibe to the planting, bold tree fens and palms perfectly mirror the strong sculptural elements of the hard landscaping. The rear of the garden is in shade for most of the day so ferns, Blechnum, Crytomium, Aplenium, Fatsia polycarpa, Pachysandra and Asarum were perfect to crate a lush green wall which will eventually emerge through the Iroko screen, uniting the two.

Orange plants around the terraced decking area.

Two mature Trachycarpus fortunei were placed behind the screen along with a tall Dicksonia antactica. The tropical fronds seen above the screen give the illusion of greater depth to the garden, enticing you to explore beyond. 

Towards the sunnier side of the garden, playful orange Kniphofia wraps around the pebble seats. Fiery Crocosmia ‘Emily McKenzie and Anemanthele Lessoniana frame the steps leading up to the terrace. 

Three statement Butia odorata in huge statement pots create a powerful backdrop to the edge of the seating area.

What do you most love about The Sculpture Garden?

I love that I have created a space which fully fuses with my clients lifestyle. The large open section of terrace allows the client to perform their daily yoga, the hammock picks up the last rays of evening sun.

It’s now a garden which reflects my clients playful character, a personal space full of vibrancy and bold statements. The perfect garden for parties year round, day and night. I can’t wait to see the garden evolve as the planting matures to emerge through the hard landscaping with a jungle lushness.  

How long did the project take and were there any challenges?

Easy side access on both sides of the property allowed the job to run very smoothly, eliminating the need to use cranes for the 3m high palms. The job took 6 weeks to complete on site.

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