Designing A Modern Garden

Designing A Modern Garden

From balcony gardens in the city to countryside garden grounds, designing a modern garden is becoming increasingly popular among UK households. Due to its simplicity and functionality, this style is an ideal option for gardens of any shape or size. This blog will round up some of the most sought after features of this contemporary trend.

Designing a modern garden doesn’t necessarily mean you have to select a particular colour scheme. This is because trends in colour tones are constantly shifting. However we do recommend choosing simple colours and sticking to two or three that all complement one another. 

Modern day gardens are definitely a reflection of modern day lifestyle. With limited time for gardening, we require an outdoor space in which we can relax but that is easy to maintain.


Paving is becoming an increasingly popular choice within contemporary garden designs due to its easy upkeep. It comes in a range of different sizes, colours and materials and can be a really versatile product to work with. It’s ideal for creating patios that make fantastic seating, barbecuing or general entertaining areas. Porcelain paving is the perfect option for a contemporary space with it’s stunning blend of cool grey colour tone options.

Porcelain paving is also a product that it popular for indoor use, and will help to seamlessly blend interior with exterior.

Grey porcelain paving being used exteriorly and interiorly
Stormy Skies Porcelain Paving

Wondering how to fill in the joints between your paving slabs? It doesn’t have to be with boring sand or cement! Create a real statement by using decorative aggregates to contrast darker paving with lighter coloured chippings that fill in the gaps. Our Polar White is the perfect choice for this as it is a bright white stone! Alternatively you can achieve a more complementary look by using decorative chippings in similar colour tones.

Create a more varied look with your paving by playing around with their patterns or placement. The easiest way of doing so is by dispersing the slabs further apart from one another. This means that they can be separated by lawn or alternatively by gravel or chippings. 

A series of stepping stones can also be made using slabs and they can be styled in this same manner as illustrated below using our Polar Ice Chippings in 3-8mm.

Pale grey paging slabs with small white chippings in between them surrounded by heather.
Polar Ice 3-8mm


Decking can be used as an alternative to, or alongside paving and can create an interesting contrast between materials and textures. This is also an intriguing way of creating different levels, particularly in gardens of a smaller size.

Decking can be painted to complement the colour scheme in your contemporary space. It is ideal for use under seating areas as it can be easily cleaned using a power hose.

Seating Areas

Flamingo decorative chippings under a cream sofa seating area
Flamingo Chippings

With more people using their garden as an extension of their home, an outside seating area is a must. It doesn’t have to take up much space and there are a huge range of styles available. Sofa styles are becoming increasingly popular when you are designing a modern garden. This is because they not only look smart but are very comfortable!


Gravel is the ultimate in easy to lay hard landscaping as can just be put straight onto the ground. However we would always recommend laying a weed membrane underneath it to keep it cleaner for longer. Like paving, it is  also available in a huge range of fashionable colour tones.

gravel garden with wooden sleepers. Blue and white decorative chippings are used.
Gravel garden with wooden sleepers

Use gravel or chippings as toppers in plant pots and larger garden planters or containers. This is a perfect method of incorporating different colours and textures within courtyard and balcony designs. 


Using borders for planting cuts down on the amount of weeding you will have to do, so is ideal for the contemporary garden. You can create geometric shapes within your borders and keep the minimalist look that is popular within modern garden designs.

Stepping Stones

We have a wide range of Stepping Stones available at Stone Warehouse. They are a really easy way of creating comfortable walkways and paths across lawns and graveled surfaces if you don’t wish to commit to a fully paved area. You can go for a rounded choice or something a little bit more random in shape. You can coordinate colour tones with paving slabs or gravel to create a unified look throughout your modern outdoor space.

Use log effect concrete sleepers to match decking or to provide a contrast to paving or gravel. They’re available in a range of different lengths which makes them really suitable for bordering gardens. They can also be a great, more natural-looking alternative to paved stepping stones, as shown beside our Polar White Chippings 20mm above!

Log effect concrete sleepers with white gravel in between them.
Concrete Sleepers

We have also created a video on designing a modern garden with lots of fantastic ideas within it.

No matter what shape or size of garden you have, there is always a way of incorporating contemporary design features. With so many different options to choose from, designing a modern garden needn’t be a complicated task.

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