How To Choose Your Paving

How To Choose Your Paving

Are you wondering how to choose paving for that new patio you are finally getting around to creating, or for the old patio that needs updating? It may seem a very daunting task selecting the perfect patio slabs for your project. However, we aim to take some of the mystery out of shopping for your new patio stone, so you can pick the perfect patio slabs for you!

How to choose the right colour

You should always consider your surroundings when deciding on your paving. You may want to match the existing brickwork in your house, doors or windows. Alternatively you may decide to create an attractive contrast. Furthermore you may have existing hard landscaping elements that you want to complement.

Your neighbours might also have a very strong colour theme that you want to match. Whatever the situation, we always recommend taking a good look around you before selecting your slabs. At the end of the day, laying paving can be hard work, so you want it to be right.

There are a lot of options for paving and below we list the benefits of each, to help you know how to choose your paving.

Porcelain Paving

Pale grey porcelain paving in a garden that looks out over mountains.

Porcelain is the latest advancement in slabs for the patio. They are extremely hard-wearing; however do ensure you get slabs that are 20mm thick for use outdoors. Porcelain, despite its appearance is not made from stone at all, but is a man-made simulation of stone.

The beauty with porcelain is that the colour of the slabs will not fade over time. They are frost and algae resistant, durable and very low maintenance. Although porcelain is more expensive initially, you will save time on cleaning and maintenance of porcelain, meaning the extra money was well spent. 

Porcelain paving is also suitable for use indoors. It is the one paving product that can be used to blend the interior with the exterior.

Natural Sandstone Paving

Natural Sandstone Patio

The more traditional types of patio slabs are made from natural stone materials like sandstone. These are often imported from India and are generally a great mid-range priced option.

With sandstone paving, you will notice that no two slabs are alike. At Stone Warehouse we sell only the finest Indian sandstone and they come in four distinct colour options. Fossil Mint, Mountain Mist, Modak and Forest Glen.

The tone of the paving can vary in different lights and weather conditions. The paving slabs often feature colourful sedimentary layers, with some unique surface detail. These slabs are durable and frost resistant. They will need to be cleaned to stop them becoming slippery when wet.

Concrete Paving

concrete paving

Concrete is often the cheapest option for paving slabs. It also comes in the largest choice of textures and colours so you will find something to suit any garden design. The style can vary from quite industrial, to looking more like a natural material.

The easy installation of concrete slabs is another benefit. However do be aware that concrete paving may not last as long as natural sandstone or porcelain. It will also require cleaning to make sure the slabs don’t become slippery. With concrete it is always best to seal your concrete slabs to protect them from stains and algae too.

Hopefully our blog has given you an idea of how to choose paving for your garden project.

Want help with your patio installation? Watch our handy ‘How To’ video below.

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