Slate Seating Area For Community Garden

Slate Seating Area For Community Garden

Our Blue Slate 20mm was used to create a slate seating area for a community garden. Members of the Dahlia Gardening Club use the Garden. They are a newly formed charity gardening club of over 60’s, living in Sheltered Accommodation blocks in Southampton.

They wanted to create a slate seating area to improve their communal garden so residents can sit comfortably there. In warmer weather the area will also hold community and social events.

The Project

Stack of bags of blue slate 20 on a bench along with the weed membrane.

Julie from Dahlia Gardening Club contacted us to ask us to donate some bags of Blue Slate 20mm Chippings along with some weed membrane, as they couldn’t afford it on their pension budgets. We were happy to help as the garden is to benefit their community and sitting in the garden is good for the mental health and well-being of the residents.

Along with the slate chippings, this area also features garden furniture, raised bed and pots with plants. The Community Chest kindly paid for the raised beds to be installed. This was because the previous beds were all ground level and therefore difficult for the elderly residents to maintain.

The total area of slate they required was 36sq ft. This was to sit within two mirror L shaped planters that frame the garden. We therefore provided them with several of our pre-pack bags and some membrane to cover this.

Slate laid down in the garden first before the table and chairs were installed.

Julie from Dahlia Gardening Club commented “It has been such a blessing to me and the other residents to be able to spend time relaxing in the garden.  It would not have been possible without your donation of the slate chippings.”

The finished garden including the slate, table and chairs, raised wooden beds and plants in pots.

A friend of Julie’s was the inspiration behind the garden. She purchased blue slate chippings from us to complete her garden.

Watch our video below for ideas on how you can use slate in your garden.

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