Yorkshire Aquascapes – Pondless Waterfall

Yorkshire Aquascapes – Pondless Waterfall

This project proves you don’t need a large area to host a stunning Pondless Waterfall Feature. Our customers Yorkshire Aquascapes can work in any space and specialise in creating beautiful nature inspired water features and ponds. Each design is bespoke and replicates natural ecosystems and processes. Their mission is to help clients spend more time outdoors enjoying nature.

The Design

The clients wanted to appreciate the sound of flowing water in their back garden and required a water feature with WOW factor. Yorkshire Aquascapes were delighted to be given full creative control and their aim was to transform a previously uncared for and blank garden into a natural oasis.

Before shot of small area

For this they designed a three-tiered pondless waterfall which is about 3m long. This pondless waterfall feature replicates a small brook or stream that you might encounter on a woodland walk.

They also wanted to balance the natural feature with something more formal. Therefore, they also incorporated a Stacked-Slate Sphere Water Fountain into the design. This provided their clients with two different ways to enjoy flowing water in their garden.

The Products

The pondless water feature was created using our Green Granite Rockery along with a selection of Scottish Pebbles and Cobbles. The Green Granite Rockery stone outlines the shape of the waterfall as well as to link the pools. It was chosen as Yorkshire Aquascape were looking for something unique and rugged. They thought the colours and the texture worked perfectly within the design.

Pondless water fall feature
Pondless water fall feature

The Scottish Pebbles and Cobbles decorate between and around the rockery and also line the bottom of the pools. They were chosen as they are a great way to emulate nature and create a rock beach effect.

Both products are fish friendly so are ideal for use within water features. Also, the colours of the stones are more vivid when wet, so look stunning immersed in water.

The planting includes lots of ferns, ornamental grasses and a number of alpines. These create a mixture of moving swaying plants to compliment the flowing water and provide a leafy green colour that will last all year round. The tall textured ferns and ornamental grasses that sway in the wind help to create a moving, living garden.

stacked sphere fountain

Ornamental bark decorates around the pondless waterfall feature. This emulates the ground in a woodland area. The colour of the bark also blends seamlessly with other elements within the design.

The Stacked-Slate Sphere Water Fountain also complements the colour tones within the garden. It offers extra lighting at night in a large range of colour options and helps to illuminate the pondless waterfall.

The Challenges

Access to the property was limited and narrow which meant that the two tonnes of Green Granite Rockery Stone had to be barrowed into the garden which took some time. This was also their last job before Christmas so they had the usual winter weather to contend with, however the clients supplied them with coffees and sandwiches to keep them powering on!


This incredible 5 ½ metre by 3 ½ metre space now looks so much bigger with the inclusion of the pondless waterfall feature. The majority of the project went without a hitch and was completed in just 3 days! Watch the incredible transformation in the video below!

This was the first project in which Yorkshire Aquascapes have used our Green Granite Rockery Stone. However they feel our stone has so much character that they have now chosen to feature it in another project too. We have a stunning picture from the second project below.

Picture of another project using our green granite rockery.
Second project featuring our Green Granite Rockery Stone
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