Royal Norfolk Show Success!

Royal Norfolk Show Success!

We were thrilled to hear that a Royal Norfolk Show garden created by Lucy’s Garden Design won 3 awards! Her Relaxing Coastal Shores garden featured our stunning Duck Egg Cobbles and the garden attained The Gold Medal, The Visitors’ Vote and Best in Show!

Lucy from Lucy's Garden Design sitting in her award winning garden.
Lucy in her multi award winning garden

The theme for the show was ‘coastal and well being’. Therefore Lucy contacted Stone Warehouse and asked us to supply our popular Duck Egg Cobbles. This was because she felt their pastel colours perfectly represented our coast.

As Lucy was drawing inspiration from our iconic East Anglian coastline, she wanted to interpret Cormier pier and Southwold lighthouse into the design. Therefore she had a lighthouse created out of stainless steel which our Duck Egg Cobbles were used to fill. This formed the elegant centre piece of the garden and was a huge crowd pleaser.

Additionally our decorative cobbles water rivulets in the garden. The water brought out the beautiful subtle shades of bluish grey, white, cream and buff in the stones.

For the show Lucy envisioned a contemporary garden which incorporated a multipurpose space for entertaining and relaxing. When we saw the pictures we thought the garden looked spectacular and weren’t surprised she won 3 awards!

Finally after a very busy summer Lucy managed to update her blog. In which the whole experience from design, planning and preparation to implementation and accomplishment is detailed. You can view her blog post here.

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