Joe’s Waterfall

Joe’s Waterfall

We have hundreds of orders going out each day but rarely get to see where our products end up. Therefore receiving pictures from our customers showing their finished garden project always puts a smile on our faces!

Our customer Joe from Cheshire originally contacted us as he wanted to know if he could visit our yard to have a look at the stone. This was because him and his wife wanted to create a waterfall and pond but were unsure which colour rockery stone would be best.

They  decided on our Charcoal Slate Rockery in the end to match their charcoal seating area. They are also planning on using smaller slate chippings in the garden borders.

In the end they decided against having the pond as they have an 18 month old boy so didn’t want the risk of free standing water. Instead they decided to create a pondless waterfall with the Charcoal Rockery which we think looks fantastic!

Instead of the water they originally used white pebbles but then swapped these for more natural coloured stones that match the patio.

Both their 18 month old and dog are quite intrigued by the new garden feature and are always climbing all over it! Their son also likes to throw the stones for the dog!

Dog next to water feature.

Joe told us he is really happy and that the stones look brilliant which is always lovely to hear. We are very impressed with the unique water feature Joe has created!

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