Water Feature Ideas – Feature Stones

Water Feature Ideas – Feature Stones

Looking for water feature ideas for your garden? Creating your own backyard Zen needn’t be a massive undertaking and you don’t need a large space in which to implement a stunning water feature. Even the smallest of gardens can accommodate one and often it can actually make your garden look bigger!

So if you want to sit and relax in your outdoor space, whilst listening to the soothing sound of water, read on for some inspiration.

Slate Paddlestone Stacks

water feature ideas - slate paddlestone stack

These attractive Slate Paddlestone stacks take up very little room and offer a really interesting focal point. They are predrilled and have a pipe running through the middle to make it super easy for you install. Additionally you can twist the stones to alter the way the water flows down them, to best suit your viewing angle. They look great when surrounded by slate or with contrasting pebbles. Additionally the water will change the colour of the slate so it will look different wet and dry.

Drilled Monoliths

water feature ideas- monolith in angel green

Monoliths are very striking in appearance, but take up little room. Make sure you select a ‘Drilled Monolith’ if you want to create a water feature (we sell both solid and Drilled Monoliths). The water flows up through the pre-drilled hole, through the top and then cascades down the stone. Large Boulders can also be used in this way though you will need to get them drilled. Monoliths or large boulders are perfect for creating a bold statement in even the smallest of gardens.

With both the stone stacks and monoliths, the water reservoir and pump will be located directly underneath them. This means that the actual area needed to install them is little more than the feature stones themselves. You will periodically need to check that the water reservoir does not run dry and add more to it as necessary to ensure that the pump remains fully submerged.

The bonus with feature stones such as these is that water brings out the colour of the stone, enhancing their natural beauty.

Monoliths and large boulders can also be placed in water features to add interest to them.

water feature ideas - monoliths in pond as a bold feature

We will be looking into more Water Feature ideas in future posts. Click the links below for more water feature ideas.

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Our video above talks you through choosing which water feature is right for your garden.

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