Water Feature Ideas – Contemporary Style

Water Feature Ideas – Contemporary Style

In the final part of our water feature ideas series, we look at contemporary water features. These feature bring a modern twist to any garden design and the only limit is your imagination!

Rain Curtains

rain curtain

The Space Within Garden by Rae Wilkinson at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show features a stunning rain curtain, which can fit even in the tightest of spaces.  The use of Dove Grey Cobbles and Dove Grey Pebbles and the calming, cool colours add to the tranquility of this outdoor environment.

There are many styles of rain curtain available on the market, giving you many options to choose from. Coloured light can also be shone on the falling water to reflect off each droplet, making this special effect a very eye catching feature and simply breathtaking at night time too.

Water Rills

Water rills occur in nature where water erodes away a long straight channel in which water flows. These channels often lead the eye from one garden feature to another.

Water rills can be as small or as grand as you like. From tiny slate surrounded rills to big features like The Viking Cruises Lagom Garden designed by Will Williams at RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival earlier this year (shown below). The use of Duck Egg Pebbles in this rill adds an extra bit of interest and softens the hard edges.

water feature ideas contemporary water rill

Water Walls

Water walls, much like rain curtains, fall vertically and therefore take up very little space. They make a bold statement and are visually stunning pieces.

The Silent Pool Gin Garden designed by David Neale at RHS Chelsea Flower Show earlier this year included a water wall. The one shown in this garden was Perspex in construction. Water walls can be made from a wide variety of materials, to really complement or contrast your individual garden design.

contemporary water wall

So it’s time to get creative and design your dream garden! Creating a beautiful outdoor space with a water feature is possible for all sizes and styles of garden.

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