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Cobbles & Pebbles

Our cobbles and decorative pebbles are great for all landscaping projects and offer an exceptional decorative presence in any garden.

Whether you want to fill a large or small area, cobbles and decorative pebbles can add a stylish and elegant feel to an outdoor space.   The Stone Warehouse range has an emphasis on versatility and is available in a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes.

One of the more common uses of cobbles and decorative pebbles is to add an attractive decorative edging to a path or driveway, and our Amber Polished Pebbles are especially popular for this purpose.

Stone Warehouse Suggests...

Try using decorative pebbles as a covering for a flower bed.  Not only will this add a beautiful effect which contrasts with your colourful flowers, but it will also protect the soil and assist with the growth of your plantings.

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