Ice Blue Pebbles 20-50mm

The Pale bluish grey colour of the Ice Blue Pebbles suits both traditional garden environments and contemporary landscaping projects. Darkening when wet, these lovely pebbles reflect light well, so are particularly popular for brightening any garden area, or for colour contrast darker stone or paving. We also offer the Ice Blue in two sizes of Gravel 3-8mm & 20mm Chippings, or larger rounded Ice Blue Cobbles 40-80mm (Please see our Sizing info).

  • Ice Blue Pebbles 20-50mm
  • Ice Blue Pebbles 20-50mm
  • Ice Blue Pebbles 20-50mm

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Ice Blue Pebbles 20-50mm

Applications: Landscaping projects, garden borders, raised beds and rockeries, Property development schemes and ornamental water features

Actual Sizing: Graded between 20-50mm, but some variation is possible

Colour: Pale bluish grey that darkens when wet

Shape: Rounded, irregular pebbles

Material: Marble

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    Ice Blue Chippings 3-8mm

    Ice Blue Chippings 3-8mm (Please see our Sizing Info), are a unique shade of pale bluish grey marble, recycled from the off cut pieces of marble tiles. Ideal for brightening darker spaces in either a traditional garden or contemporary landscape as it's sparkly surface reflects the light very well. Primarily used for pebble dashing in this size, we also stock larger Ice Blue 20mm Chippings, along with our more rounded Ice Blue Pebbles 20-50mm and Ice Blue Cobbles 40-80mm as possible alternatives, or complementary additions to create a contrasting finish.

    Prices shown below include VAT & Economy Delivery.
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    Prices quoted below include delivery & VAT
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