Landscaping Boulder 21

This Landscaping Boulder features a natural angular shape and a fairly uniform shade of brownish grey with some evidence of weathering. Measuring around 680mm x 560mm x 500mm and weighing approx. 260kg it is ideal as a feature stone for a garden rockery or landscaping project or to restrict access on a road or path. Please also see our unique Water Worn Boulders and our amazing Petrified Wood Pieces.

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  • Landscaping Boulder 21
  • Landscaping Boulder 21
  • Landscaping Boulder 21

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Landscaping Boulder 21

Application: Used as focal point detail for landscaping and garden projects, waterfalls, fountains and ornamental ponds, garden rockeries or decoration in a Zoo or Safari Park 

Actual Sizing: 680(L)x560(W)x500mm(H) Approx - Weight around 260kg

Colour: Shades of grey and brown with some weathering

Delivery: Supplied individually on a pallet as pictured. Please ensure that you have the means to move a stone of this size before ordering, as the delivery driver will be unable to place it for you.

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    Price below includes delivery and VAT.
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    Price below includes delivery and VAT.