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Large Cobbles & Boulders

The largest of our rounded aggregate products, our Large Cobbles & Boulders includes materials graded from around 100mm and above, up to individual boulders weighing 1000kg.

This collection of garden rocks will suit a variety of garden designs and can add heigh and interest to a space. Among our most popular products is our range of Scottish Cobbles, Pebbles & Boulders which are available in almost every size. Furthermore, they are made of fish friendly granite so can be used in both ornamental water features and fish ponds without affecting the water Ph. (Fish Friendly)

We also stock a collection of brightly coloured Dolomite and Gneiss Boulders, our Individual Gritstone and Glacial Boulders, along with our unique range of Petrified Wood. All these garden rocks are perfect as eye catching landscape stone features while also being functional for use as property or car park boundary markers, or to restrict vehicle access to a public footpath or private road. They can also be used to create natural seating areas, rockeries and natural swimming pool edging.

Check out our large collection of decorative garden and landscaping rocks online and please contact us if you have any questions.