Mixed Scottish Boulders VB2

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Weighing a total of 340kg, including cobbles & boulders between 100-300mm in size, our Mixed Boulders VB2 features an earthy blend of bluish grey, cream and shades of brown that appear more vividly when wet, perfect for garden stone rockeries, water features, or used to define a driveway & protect the grass.  This is the exact pallet of boulders you will receive which have been handpicked particularly for the smaller project in mind.

  • Mixed Scottish Boulders VB2
  • Mixed Scottish Boulders VB2
  • Mixed Scottish Boulders VB2
  • Mixed Scottish Boulders VB2

Product information

This product is Not Fish Friendly

Mixed Scottish Boulders VB2

Applications: Ornamental water features, traditional garden stone rockeries, to line a shared driveway, or a decorative solution to stop people driving on the grass

Actual Sizing: Including cobbles & boulders measuring between 100-300mm in size and collectively weighing around 340kg, with some variance likely

Colour: Mixed shades of bluish grey, cream and some brown that appears pale when dry, but more vividly when wet

Shape: Irregular, rounded & angular boulders

Material: Mixed stone types, including Limestone

Delivery: A complementary collection of boulders, supplied in a crate with tail lift lorry delivery and pump truck offload NOT a crane, so please ensure you have an area of smooth, solid, and level ground for successful delivery; and wear protective gloves and footwear when placing the stones.

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