Petrified Wood 17 (Stone)

Measuring just over 1000mm x 800mm x 600mm this beautiful piece of Petrified Wood is a perfect focal point for any traditional garden rockery or as a feature stone in a more contemporary landscaping scheme. Featuring an irregular shape with a hollow to the bottom and layers of grey and rusty shades of brown. It would be a perfect island stone in a Japanese style Zen garden surrounded by a finer graded gravel. The stone in our photographs is the one you will reveive. Please also see our other unique Petrified Wood Pieces

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  • Petrified Wood 17 (Stone)
  • Petrified Wood 17 (Stone)
  • Petrified Wood 17 (Stone)
  • Petrified Wood 17 (Stone)

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Product information

Petrified Wood 17

Application: Perfect as a garden rockery feature stone, a focal point in a landscaping project, ornamental water features or as part of a Japanese style Zen garden.

Actual Sizing: Measuring 1050mm x 800mm x 600mm

Colour: Shades of grey with layers of rusty brown that deepen when the stone is wet

Shape: Irregular, individual boulder with a hollow to the bottom (Picture 4)

Delivery: Supplied individually on a pallet as pictured

Material: Crystalline Stone

Fossilised Wood: Formed over millions of years, after the death of any plant or tree material has decayed, mineral rich liquids flood into the space left and crystals grow, filling the cavity creating a stone cast, replicating the shape and texture of the original tree or plant in fine detail.

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    Price below includes delivery and VAT.