Petrified Wood Pieces Pallet 1 (Stone)

We are very excited to now be offering our range of Petrified Wood Pieces! Fossilised over 20 million years, from ancient Indonesian Teak forests, these amazing stones display some of the most unique shapes and textures that actually show the growth of the original tree. Featuring beautiful and varied colours from the mineral rich crystalline material, each piece would be a perfect addition to any garden and landscape project or as part of a water feature.These can be used to create unique water flows over the smooth surface, filling any hollows or being funnelled by the folded surface of the stone.

  • Petrified Wood Pieces Pallet 1 (Stone)
  • Petrified Wood Pieces Pallet 1 (Stone)
  • Petrified Wood Pieces Pallet 1 (Stone)
  • Petrified Wood Pieces Pallet 1 (Stone)
  • Petrified Wood Pieces Pallet 1 (Stone)

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Petrified Wood Pieces 1

Application: Unique Focal Point suitable for Gardens and Landscape Projects, Water Features, Ponds and Waterfalls or even as Decoration in a Zoo or Safari Park Animal Enclosure

Weight: Approximately 300kg

Delivery: Supplied on a Pallet including 3 individual Pieces, as pictured

Colour: Beautifully Weathered smooth Yellow, Green and Grey with Rusty Orange Shades

Material: Crystalline Stone

Fossilised Wood: Formed over millions of years, after the death of any plant or tree material has decayed, mineral rich liquids flood into the space left and crystals grow, filling the cavity creating a stone cast, replcating the shape and texture of the original tree or plant in fine detail.

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  • Petrified Wood 1 (Stone)

    Petrified Wood 1 (Stone)

    At around 20 million years old, this impressive piece of Indonesian, petrified wood could be an amazing focal point for any larger landscaping project or garden design. With shapes and textures telling the story of the original tree's growth and development, this piece is the fossilised remains of the root base of a large hard wood tree (an ancient type of Teak). The beautiful natural folds, ridges and hollows are immediately catching, leading you from one feature to the next and would be perfect as part of a large water feature creating pools and flows into the hollows, nooks and crannies on the surface of the stone.

    This Piece is for Sale as a Collection Only Product - Please call to arrange
  • Petrified Wood Pieces Pallet 2 (Stone)

    Petrified Wood Pieces Pallet 2 (Stone)

    Fossilised over 20 million years from Indonesian hard wood forests, our NEW range of Petrified Wood Pieces make a unique addition to any garden or landscaping project. Featuring deep colours and unusual shapes that actually show the growth and sometimes bark of the original tree, they really do tell a story. Pallet 2 includes 3 pieces of stone weighing around 360kg in total and the stone pictured, are those you will receive, so order with confidence that they will complement your chosen garden design.

  • Petrified Wood 3 (Stone)

    Petrified Wood 3 (Stone)

    The Stone remains from a fossilised Indonesian hard wood tree, possibly an anciate Teak, aged at around 20 million years. This interesting piece of Petrified Wood is a perfect addition to any landscape project, garden design or water feature. It's smooth shape is broken only by a central portion which displays the detailed impressions perfectly replicating the original bark surface telling the story of the long dead tree. Supplied individually on a pallet, weighing around 280kg and mearuing approximately 1.1m in length x 43cm wide x 42cm depth.

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  • Petrified Wood 4 (Stone)

    Petrified Wood 4 (Stone)

    Among the most amazing and indicative of our Petrified Wood range, featuring a deep rusty- red colour "bark" outer with pale ends, actually showing the growth rings of the original tree, perfectly replicated in stone! This 20 million year old fossilised section of an ancient, Indonesian hard wood tree trunk would be a beautiful and truly unique focal point for any landscaping project or garden, featuring finely detailed bark impressions all the way round the circumference.

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  • Petrified Wood 6 (Stone)

    Petrified Wood 6 (Stone)

    A Lovely piece of petrified wood from our NEW range is a partial section of a 20 million year old, fossilised Indonesian tree truck. Displaying beautifully detailed bark impressions along it's full length and evidence of the original tree's growth rings, visible at both ends tells the story of the ancient tree's development. You can even count the rings! Individually supplied on a pallet weighing around 180kg in total, measuring approximately 90cm x 70cm x 75cm it can easily be give price of place as a historic focal point for your garden, landscape or even as an addiion to a water feature, allowing water to flow over the intricate surface detail.

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