Speckled Cobbles 60-120mm

The Speckled Granite Cobbles are graded between 60 and 120mm with a rounded shape and are finely detailed with flecks of colour that darken when the stones are wet to produce a unique, modern look for your garden project and to complement them, we also stock Speckled Pebbles 30-60mm for additional size variation in your decorative landscape area. However, if you like these stones but need larger pieces, please take a look at our Speckled Boulders 150-300mm.

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  • Speckled Cobbles 60-120mm
  • Speckled Cobbles 60-120mm

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Product information

Speckled Cobbles 60-120mm

Applications: Landscaping and property development schemes, decorative garden borders, rockeries and raised beds, ornamental water features, fish ponds and aquatics

Actual Sizing: Sized 60-120mm (some variance possible)

Colour: Predominantly cream and yellow with speckles of black, grey and brown with a slight sparkle

Shape: Rounded Cobbles

Material: Granite

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    Silver Grey Cobbles 40-90mm

    Our Silver Grey Granite Cobbles are a contrasting speckled grey and black colour that darken when wet, perfect for an elegant, contemporary focal point in a water feature or fish pond. These increasingly popular cobbles are also suitable as a gabion stone, for decorative garden rockeries and borders, or as a part of a wider landscaping project. Naturally rounded, some slight variation in size and shape is possible, the pictures show the product wet and dry. Please see our Sizing Info. For other complementary products, our 200-300mm Silver Grey Boulders, Silver Grey Granite 14mm or Silver Grey Pebbles 20-40mm are also available.

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  • Silver Grey Pebbles 20-40mm

    Silver Grey Pebbles 20-40mm

    A smaller alternative to our Silver Grey Cobbles 40-90mm, the Silver Grey Pebbles are the perfect choice for an elegant contemporary look. Predominantly grey in colour they feature contrasting black speckles that darken when wet. Suitable for garden projects such as borders and rockeries these rounded, angular Granite pebbles are also popular for water features and fish ponds as a fish friendly material with the speckled black and grey colouring really coming out when wet. As a natural stone, these beautiful pebbles will vary slightly in size and shape. The pictures show the product wet and dry, please also see our Sizing Info. Why not combine your purchase with our Silver Grey Boulders 200-400mm or Silver Grey Granite 14mm.

    Prices quoted below are inclusive of standard delivery and VAT
  • Marbled Lilac Cobbles 60-120mm

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  • Scottish Cobbles 40-90mm

    Scottish Cobbles 40-90mm

    Naturally rounded Scottish Cobbles are a lovely mix of cream, shades of brown, light pink and grey colours which appear pale when dry but change dramatically when wet to reveal the depth of colour. These Highland Granite stones are ideal for water features and ponds as are a fish friendly material and the colours really stand out when the stones are wet. They are also used for landscaping projects, as a gabion stone or for a garden rockery. The pictures show the product wet and dry. If you're looking for another size, our Scottish range includes grades from as small as 8-14mm Pebbles , through to larger 100-200mm & 200-300mm Cobbles, along with even larger 300-600mm & 600-900mm Boulders! Please see our Sizing Info.


  • Speckled Pebbles 30-60mm

    Speckled Pebbles 30-60mm

    Our Speckled Pebbles measure between 30 & 60mm and have a naturally rounded shape, perfect for any decorative garden project, landscaping project or property development. These pebbles have a unique, finely detailed creamy yellow colouring with flecks of black, grey and brown that darken when wet providing a beautiful, unique addition to your garden with a sparkley appearance. Why not complement these pebbles by ordering them with our Speckled Cobbles 60-120mm?

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