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Polished Pebbles & Cobbles

If you want to add an extra shine to your outdoor space, then polished pebbles and polished cobbles will really make your garden sparkle.

One of the most popular products on,  our polished pebbles and cobbles are well suited to all internal and extrernal landscaping projects and can be purchased in bulk quantities or smaller 20kg bags.

Black polished cobbles and black polished pebbles make a beautiful addition to any feature in your garden or home, from water features to any landscaping project they will add an extra element of class and will make your garden look fantastic.

Our polished pebbles come in sizes of 15-30mm and the black polished cobbles are available in sizes of 50-80mm.

Stone Warehouse suggests...

Place your polished pebbles and cobbles where the sun can shine on them to add glorious natural light to any flower bed or water feature.