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25 November 2022

From Country Garden to an Entertaining Paradise

When the Stone Warehouse team noticed many successful orders going to a single address in Chesterfield, we popped along to see what was happening. What we found was a unique garden creation that took our breath away.

Mr Brian Gladwin was delighted to show the team his ‘little project’ and explain his vision, from concept to completion.

The Concept

Originally a large flat and long garden lawn, the family brief was to create an extension of the living space so that their love of entertaining could spill out into the Derbyshire countryside. Maintenance free was high on the agenda and a place where Brian’s love of all things clean and modern could meet with nature and blend together with time. While having some professional help with the design, Brian was keen to build this entire project and take on all the construction challenges himself- skillsets he didn’t possess at the beginning of the journey!!

An amazing outdoor space with gravel ground cover and decorative gabion basket walls surrounding a sunken seating area and fire pit

The Design

Planning the division of the space for the different entertaining activities, such as cooking, relaxing and eating is the key to the success of the design. Creating sheltered areas by excavating down, as well as building up to divide the area sympathetically into spaces that blend together, is a real masterstroke. It’s one that many wouldn’t have even considered, especially if they had to do all the digging.

The Construction

Digging holes is one thing, building walls is another, and for the enthusiastic DIYer, it is often a recipe for disaster. Not for Brian. The decision to position Gabion Baskets and fill them with Stone Warehouse White Boulders to create the level changes is the thing that really makes this project shine.

White Cobbles filling decorative gabion basket walls, used to define separate garden features

While dividing the area, it links them all back together, giving a theme to follow and contrast with the other garden surfaces, features, furniture and ornaments.

Stone Warehouse White Cobbles 40-90mm, White Cobbles 60-120mm, Polar White Chippings and a Grantex White Resin Bound Pavement all work in harmony with the Gabions’ White Boulders and help bring the scale of the areas back to a subtle intimacy.

A beautiful barbeque area with a high gabion wall behind, filled with Rustic Slate RockeryStone Warehouse Rustic Slate Rockery was used in the kitchen area Gabions, which all needed to be cut into specific sizes on site to ensure the fill levels were maintained.

Finishing Touches

The family’s love of modern art and sculpture, which includes the garden planting method, really finishes the project off. It will be interesting to see as the planting takes hold, just how the balance of green and white blends together in future months.

More images of White Cobbles, filling decorative gabion baskets, separating garden features

The latest finishing touch was the family’s first dinner party in their new ‘Entertaining Paradise’. Brian tells us that, like the party, all his friends thought his new garden was a complete hit. I’m sure you’ll all agree.


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