29 March 2019


The long cold days of winter are behind us (yay!). Therefore it’s time to get your garden ready for summer, but where to start? Check out our top tips below for summer garden ideas and help on rejuvenating your outdoor space!

#1 Start planning

Do you want to create a relaxing space for entertainment or a budget friendly plot? Or do you have a large garden that you want to transform, alternatively perhaps you want to make the most of your balcony? It’s important to have an outline of what you want to get out of your garden, considering budget and the time you have available.

Bench behind a trough water feature filled with White Cobbles. Surrounded by different coloured flowers and grey gravel.A beautiful garden at the Tatton Flower Show

Take a look around our Pinterest page to find contemporary garden ideas, child friendly gardens, gravel gardens, rockeries and water features and more!

#2 Choose your products

If you’re creating a path, driveway or bedding area in your outdoor space the products that you choose can have a big impact. For example, dark and shady areas benefit from products that are light and colourful like Modak Natural Stone Paving, Polar White or Flamingo chippings.

White chippings with concrete wood effect sleepers and flowers lining the sides.Polar White Chippings

If your area will be heavily used by vehicles or visitors, choose hard-wearing products like granite, flint or quartz. We also suggest using supporting materials like weed membranes or gravel grids to extend the life-span of the space.

#3 Clear out and clear up

Take care of planting tasks like weeding, sowing and fertilising to make the most of your beds this year. If you want to clean any gravel areas, paths or driveways our handy video gives you tips on ways to do this. 

If you’re creating a new feature like a patio or deck you’ll need to clear the space of any unwanted plants and debris and prepare the right sub-base. 

Grey paving circle surrounded by plants and gravel.

#4 Build Time!

Once you’re site is clear and your products have arrived you’re ready to start building. For child friendly spaces, building a wildlife safe pond or sanctuary takes a relatively short amount of time. These can provide hours of entertainment and learning.

Larger builds like a patio, deck or path space will require more time and skills. For a video on How To Lay Your Gravel click here.

#5 Enjoy and get ready to start the summer!

Now you’ve completed your build you can sit back and relax, hopefully in the sunshine! We hope you have managed to get your garden ready for summer!

Woman relaxing on a bench with feet resting on a table in front of her. A brown patio is beneath her with lots of plants around.

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