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15 November 2022

Pondless Waterfall and Gravel Garden - Yorkshire Aquascapes

Yorkshire Aquascapes spent 3 days transforming a blank area of lawn into a beautiful 5m long Medium Pondless waterfall with stunning gravel garden.

The Design

This Medium Pondless waterfall project was inspired by nature. Natural streams, brooks and waterfalls are mimicked using rockery, pebbles and planting. The idea of a gravel garden appealed to the customer as they wanted a low-maintenance space with high impact.

A picture of the lawn, before the transformation into a pondless waterfall

Luckily for Yorkshire Aquascapes the clients trusted them 100%. This meant they were given complete creative freedom over the design and planting of the area.  

The Brief

The clients wanted a complete transformation of their blank lawn area. As it is located next to their main seating and entertaining area, they required a low maintenance natural-style water feature where they can relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of water. They also wanted to see the movement of the plants and cascading waterfalls.

The lawn, now gravelled with Stone Warehouse Flamingo and a Cambrian Boulder Rockery, ready for the water feature

The clients also wanted to enjoy the water feature at night. Therefore Yorkshire Aquascapes installed their illumination package of 3 underwater lights. These highlighted the main falls and some of the marginal planting. A digital photocell was also set up so the illumination comes on by itself when it gets dark and turns off after a set time.

The Products

The client wanted a variety of low maintenance wildlife-friendly plants with plenty of colour. Therefore Agapanthus ‘Brilliant Blue’ along with perennial Salvias of different colours helped add variety to this gravel garden.

Glacial Boulder Rockery was selected to blend seamlessly with the natural Indian Sandstone patio that is next to the medium pondless waterfall. These large stones also perfectly complement the colour tones within the Scottish Pebbles and Cobbles which have been used to create the beach areas and stream beds.

A close up shot of the pondless waterfall and stream feature, with Stone Warehouse Scottish Pebbles & Cobbles

The real showstopper was the Flamingo Gravel which was used on top of a layer of weed membrane. This decorative gravel creates a low maintenance garden around the water feature. The stunning pinks and blues in the gravel transformed the area. They also blend beautifully with the medium pondless waterfall and feature boulders.

The Challenges

One of the most time-consuming elements of the project was removing the turf from the whole lawn area. Yorkshire Aquascapes were unable to get a turf-cutter and had to remove it by hand which took a whole day. Luckily once this was out of the way they had two brilliant days of weather. Therefore they were able to complete the project on time in only three days!

The clients were over the moon and so were the team as the transformation really is visually stunning in such a short time.

A picture of the team from Aquascapes, presenting the finished project

Josh from Yorkshire Aquascapes commented “We love the final medium pondless waterfall and in particular the mix of the nature-inspired water feature with the flamingo gravel planted garden. Two low maintenance garden ideas combined into a stunning feature which sounds and looks incredible.”

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