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31 May 2022

RHS Malvern Show Gardens

Spring is upon us and so are the many beautiful and exciting flower shows, so we thought why not show you our top 3 RHS Malvern Spring Show Gardens! Stone Warehouse products are being donated to show gardens across the country. Most recently we have delivered our premium aggregates to 3 prize winning gardens at RHS Malvern Spring Show.
RHS Malvern is set in the backdrop of the Malvern Hills and welcomed thousands of visitors including famous presenters, garden designers, Landscapers, contractors and members of the public. Show gardens are the highlight of the shows, this year ‘Affordable Gardens’ was a new theme which showed gardens built on a strict budget and using plants available in the Floral Marquee.

Lets take a look at our Top 3 favourite gardens from the RHS Malvern Spring Show

1. The ‘Hide Garden’

Aggregates used: Stone Warehouse Canterbury Cobbles (similar to Scottish Cobbles) and Oyster Pebbles in sizes 40mm, 20mm, and 10mm.

The Hide Garden is Designed by Emily Crowley-Wroe at April House Garden Designs. The garden was awarded a  Silver Gilt Medal and a ‘Best Show Garden’ prize.

Awarded Silver Gilt Medal & Best Show Garden, these images show the Hide Garden, by April House Garden Design using Stone Warehouse Canterbury Cobbles and Oyster Pebbles

Above: A subtle mix of Canterbury Cobbles and Oyster Pebbles complement the copper water feature perfectly.

The idea of this garden was to celebrate nature on the doorstep. The garden represents a private retreat transporting the owner to a favourite place by the river.

Facing onto the pond and filled with our Oyster Pebbles and Canterbury Cobbles, the area recalls the shallows of the River Eye.

The seating area invites reflection and connection with nature.


2. The ‘Vitamin G Garden’

Aggregates used: 4 x Bulk Bags of Stone Warehouse Cotswold 4-10mm.

Designed by: Alan Williams Garden Design and Jo Wiley, the Vitamin G Garden is inspired by the evidence-based research that was published in April 2021 by RHS scientists Professor Alistair Griffiths and Dr Lauriane Chalmin-Pui that proves how gardening benefits our mental, physical and social wellbeing.

The garden is based around a series of interconnecting capsules that form a daily dose of ‘Vitamin G’.

Alan Williams Garden Design & Jo Wiley, these pictures are the Vitamin G Garden, inspired by research into the mental health & physical benefits of gardening, using Stone Warehouse Cotswold Chippings 4-10mm

Above Left: Water troughs laid on Cotswold 4-10mm chippings. 

Above Right: Cotswold 4-10mm chippings creating a stunning pathway.

It incorporates an area for contemplation, relaxation and restoration. A studio area is filled with art  and a science lab which gathered data from visitors and captured their responses to the garden. The gravel pathways are a bright white creamy tone which contrasts beautifully against the greenery.

The adjacent area of the garden is inspired by social interaction. It features an enclosed paved area with a dining table encircled with scented planting. This stimulates the senses and the mind, encouraging connections to be made around the table with neighbours, friends and family.

3. The ‘Cancer Research UK Legacy Garden’

Aggregates used: 6 x bulk bags of Stone Warehouse Silver Grey Granite and 60m² of SWH gravel grid.

Designed by Karen Tatlow Garden Design, the peaceful and immersive Cancer Research Legacy Garden received a Silver Gilt Medal, ‘Best Show Garden’ and ‘Best Construction’ award!

This garden is designed to celebrate people who leave a gift in their Will. These gifts help to fund vital life-saving research.

The garden brings the important relationship between supporters and science to life through two halves.

The journey into the garden begins with a walkway on our Silver Grey Granite pathway into colourful planting, which represents people who have pledged a gift in their will to Cancer Research UK.

Images of the Cancer Research Legacy Garden, using Stone Warehouse Silver Grey Granite 14mm. Silver Gilt Medal, ‘Best Show Garden’ and ‘Best Construction’ award!

Above Left: The famous 'Moon Gate'     

Above Right: Bubble like shadows fall onto the Silver Grey Granite footpath

A pergola provides a shaded place for visitors to sit and view the garden. Patterns of plants used in cancer treatments create the back screen and roof.

The transition to the other side of the garden is through a circular moon gate. This research side of the garden is enclosed and the planting is predominantly white, reflecting the clinical nature of research. Many of the plants featured in the garden have a connection with cancer. Chemicals from some of the plants in the garden have been tested for their anti-cancer properties while others have led to drugs that are in use today treating cancer.

We absolutely love the thought gone into this garden, and hope it inspires others to leave gifts in their will. You can do this via the button above.

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