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13 July 2022

The Best Swim-Pond Design

Immerse yourself into a beautiful world of dragonflies, damselflies and natural aquatic plants. The crisp refreshing water, free of chemicals cleanses the soul and the body. SwimPonds allow us to create ecosystems and let them flourish, whilst enjoying a leisurely swim.

A garden design featuring a large swim pond, built by Michael Wheat ponds for BBC Gardeners World Show 2022

What is a SwimPond?

SwimPonds avoid the chlorinated water and allow designers to move away from the industrial design of a swimming pool. Instead, the water is cleaned by a completely natural system.

The maintenance of a swim pond is also easier and more cost effective then the chemical pools. Let nature take its course, and a SwimPond will clean itself.

How can i install a SwimPond in my Garden?

We know a guy!

Stone Warehouse work closely with the best in SwimPond design. We supply Michael Wheats Ponds Ltd and Garden Design Co. with pebbles, cobbles, rockery and hand picked boulders regularly.

We recently donated to their award winning show garden at the BBC Gardeners World Live.

BBC Gardeners World Show Image, featuring celebrity TV gardeners and Michael Wheat ponds


Michael Wheat Group. Ltd won ‘Best Construction Landscaper UK 2022’ and a silver merit. Not bad for their first show garden and the biggest ever show garden at BBC Gardeners’‚Äč World Live!

‘I could not be more proud of the team. It was a tough build, amazingly ambitious, and as usual the team delivered’ – Michael Wheat

Another image of Michael Wheat Ponds BBC Gardeners World swim pond installation, using Stone Warehouse Scottish Pebbles & Cobbles, Cambrian and Glacial Boulders

The stunning award winning show garden at BBC Gardeners World Live

Product Focus..

A closer image of the swim pond, showing the Scottish Pebbles & Cobbles, Cambrian and Glacial Boulders supplied by Stone Warehouse

Top Left: Glacial Boulders and Cambrian Boulders

Top Right: Cambrian Boulders and Scottish Cobbles

Bottom Left: Scottish Pebbles submerged

Bottom Right: Scottish Pebbles and Cobbles

4 x Glacial Boulders - Perfect for larger garden rockeries, as a landscaping project stone focal point, for ornamental water features and ponds, to restrict access to a public footpath or private road, as a property or car park boundary marker when used in conjunction with other stones.

Cambrian Boulders - Also known as Welsh Quartz Boulders, are a mix of angular and rounded stones with a blend of dark and lighter shades of grey, black, green, and brown and used in the best of SwimPond design.

Scottish Pebbles & Cobbles - A naturally rounded highland granite which are a beautiful mix of cream, brown, orange brown, pink and grey colours. This fish friendly product is pastel coloured when dry. When wet, the colours are striking making them ideal for water features, fish ponds and aquatics. 


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