30 April 2019


The Harrogate Flower Show has kicked off the planting season in Yorkshire. We visited the show to explore the latest trends and find top tips about re-creating the look in your outdoor space. Here are our top 5 favourite garden ideas from Harrogate.

Number 1: Gabion Baskets

The Gabion Baskets used on The Mental Health Awareness Garden acted as a great focal point. They contained Ebony Black Cobbles and Cotswold Cobbles to symbolise depression and recovery.
Gabions are easy to construct and are a quick way to achieve maximum impact in a garden. We’ve created a how to guide on gabion baskets here.

Gabion basket filled with black cobbles and beige cobblesBlack and Cotswold Cobbles in Gabions

Number 2: Block Seating

In the Urban Sprawl Garden, designed by Nicholas Edward Gardens, the seating was made from concrete cubes. The seats blended into the surrounding planting making them appear as an integral part of the design. They also acted as a contrast to the bright artwork behind and the Black Basalt 20mm chippings.

The blocks showed that everyday objects can be repurposed and that ordinary objects can become extraordinary in unsual surroundings.

Grey concrete block seating forming a circle area with black gravel in the middle

Number 3: Lawn Features

The Duck Egg Pebbles embedded into the lawn of The Mental Health Garden represented the top of the Mental Health Awareness Logo. The lawn had been cut to the specific semi-colon shape and then filled with the light coloured pebbles. For a practical finish in an everyday garden this feature could be kept neat by using flexible edging.

A semi colon made out of beige pebbles in a grass area.

Number 4: Soft Edge Ponds

In ‘A Moment For You’ by KG Cooke & Dashiel Rowan the timber bridge spanned across a large soft edge pond to create an attractive feature. Soft edge ponds can increase the amount of wildlife in your garden
because they offer easy access to water. The edges of the pond were lined with a variety of Scottish Pebbles and Cobbles in different sizes to achieve a natural finish.

Water feature made out of brown, red and grey pebbles and cobbles. Water feature made out of Scottish Pebbles & Cobbles

Number 5: Glorious Grey Gravel

Greys are a really popular colour this season and it was used across a range of gardens at the Harrogate Flowere Show. The Perennial Legacy Garden used stunning Silver Grey Granite Chippings for the main path area. At the one end of the garden an upright Mediterranean Amphora fountain trickled water onto the gravel path beneath it which brought out the deep colours of the chippings.

Silver Grey gravel making a pathwaySilver Grey Granite Chippings forming a path.

Stone Warehouse supplied products to The Mental Health Garden in association with Mind, the mental health charity. You can also find out more about the products we supplied and an exclusive interview with designer Jo Manfredi-Hamer.

Watch our video for an in-depth view of all the gardens at the Harrogate Flower Show!

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