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15 December 2022

Why Choose Porcelain Paving?

22nd November 2019 / Laura

Not only does it look beautiful but there are many benefits to using porcelain paving. Listed below are our five favourite things about this product.


Porcelain paving slabs are not as porous as other paving and absorb less than 0.5% of water. This means they are harder and more durable. Therefore, porcelain is an ideal product for areas that receive high volumes of foot traffic.

Low Maintenance

As they do not absorb water, porcelain slabs are really easy to clean. Water wipes straight off them and they don’t harbour bacteria like more porous materials do.

Regale Porcelain Paving in Scout Fog Grey, with cast iron garden table & chairs

Being dirt and stain resistant they are a popular choice for use in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and gardens where moisture and mud is common.

Available in a wide variety of styles

Porcelain slabs can look like granite, slate, marble, sandstone, limestone, hardwoods and pretty much any other type of flooring that you might require.

The porcelain tile is incredibly versatile ensuring that if will suit any internal or external style or design. Grey porcelain paving is the most common colour option although the shades of grey it is available in are extensive. Creamy, beige, and white porcelain flooring are also popular.

We offer five Porcelain paving ranges, including Country Portland, Evolution, Regale, Stonerock, and Wood. Each style offers its own design, with a choice of colours and pack sizes covering different areas.

Scout Fog, Regale Porcelain Paving with an outdoor sofa, coffee table & chair


Porcelain paving is beautiful so can be considered somewhat of a luxury item. Made from high quality components, it can be more expensive than other paving. However, it is incredibly attractive appearance makes it worth the cost.

Furthermore, the porcelain has been shown to stand the test of time. This means you will not have to replace it as often as other types of paving so will save you money overall.

Frost resistant

This type of paving is perfect for outside spaces such as patios. This is because it is naturally frost resistant so will not crack when the temperatures drop. Additionally, the way in which the tiles are made means they are harder and thicker than other paving options. These further compounds their ability to stay intact.

Stonerock Porcelain Paving Patio with wooden, folding outdoor furniture

Porcelain paving slabs are also anti-slip as they do not harbour water which then freezes and causes the surface to become slippery.

We hope we have given you several reasons to choose porcelain paving

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