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Gravel & Chippings are perfect for a gravel driveway. Angular chippings compact together, reducing the risk of vehicles causing rutting.

A range of chippings graded 14mm to 20mm, too large to be caught in tyre treads, are available in a choice of stone types, including the harder-wearing Black Basalt, Golden Flint & Yorkshire Cream, or Granites in a choice of colours. Softer, more cost-effective Cotswold Chippings and Limestone 20mm, or more traditional Heritage Quartz, Pea Gravel & Staffordshire Pink.

Secure your gravel driveway with our ground reinforcing, Gravel Grids (also known as Driveway Grating). Our gravel grids are able to hold vast weights without breaking and further reduce chipping displacement, creating a solid, stable surface and lengthening the life of your driveway gravel.

Stone Warehouse’s wide variety of gravel for driveways ensures you’re sure to find the perfect material.


Black Basalt Gravel 14mm
Bulk Bag (Approx. 800kg)
From £131.50 inc VAT
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Black Basalt Gravel 20mm
Bulk Bag (Approx. 800kg)
From £124.50 inc VAT
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Black Ice® Chippings 14-20mm
Bulk Bag (Approx. 800kg)
From £149.50 inc VAT
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Dapple Grey Granite Chippings 20mm
Bulk Bag (Approx. 800Kg)
From £196.50 inc VAT
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Gravel Grid
1 M²
From £20.33 inc VAT (£20.33 per m2)
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Groundtex - Polypropylene Weed Membrane
1m x 15m (15m²)
From £17.11 inc VAT
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Silver Grey Granite 20mm
Bulk Bag (Approx. 800Kg)
From £160.50 inc VAT
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Silver Ice Gravel 20mm
66 Bags (Approx. 990kg)
From £190.00 inc VAT
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