Amber Glass Pouch

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Our Amber Glass beads measure 5-15mm can be mixed and matched with our other 8 Colours, perfect for a variety of creative applications including; wedding favours & table displays, as a bright vase filling or plant pot topper, dining table or mantelpiece decoration and much more. Supplied in pouches with around 800-850g for an instant splash of colour for outside of your home, garden or event venue. Please note this product is NOT suitable for fish tanks.

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  • Amber Glass Pouch
  • Amber Glass Pouch

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This product is Not Fish Friendly

Amber Glass Pebbles

Applications: Interior design projects such as wedding table displays and decorative feature vases, or for external ornamental water features and plant pot topping (Please Note: Unsuitable for use in fish tanks)

Actual Sizing: Graded 5-15mm

Colour: Amber is a warm shade of orange as pictured

Shape: Rounded

Material: Coloured glass pebbles

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    Prices shown below include VAT and delivery.
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    Prices below include VAT and delivery.