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Gravel 10-20mm

Gravel can be great to make outdoor areas such as driveways, paths and gardens both attractive and functional. At Stone Warehouse, you'll find a great range of gravel in various sizes, colours and styles to suit many garden designs and landscaping projects.

Gravel for Driveways and Footpaths

Corn Flint Gravel used on a Driveway in YorkFor driveways: Your chosen product should generally be angular as this does not displace easily when driven on (avoid materials like pea gravel on drives, as their rounded shape ruts easily when driven on). The most popular sizes for driveway gravel are 14 or 20mm and usually consist of a granite, basalt or flint (due to their hard wearing nature).

If you decide to lay membrane on your driveway (to stop weed growth), select the polypropylene type which will better withstand vehicular traffic. All our membranes are permeable which means water is able to soak through and away naturally.

For footpaths: Angular gravel tends to be the most suitable as this locks together better when walked on. A size of 10 or 14mm is usually best as materials less than 10mm risk getting stuck in shoe treads or even being displaced in periods of heavy rain.

Laying Depth: For both driveways and footpaths, Stone Warehouse recommends a laying depth of 50mm (2 inches).

Decorative Garden Gravel

As well as on driveways and paths, gravel can also be used for general landscaping projects or to provide a nice contrast when sprucing up patio borders or flower beds around the garden. If you want to keep the weeds at bay then we would advise laying your chosen material on top of a membrane which helps to prevent weed growth but still allows rain water to soak through to the soil to disperse naturally.

Gravel Calculator

If you need to work out how much aggregate you'll need for a particular area, try using our Gravel Calculator. Just enter the width, length and depth (usually 50mm / 2 inches) and let the calculator do the rest. To see our total delivered prices, enter the first part of your postcode on any product page.

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