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Horticultural Grit 1-4mm

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A must have for all gardeners, Horticultural Grit is an angular quartzite stone containing a range of colours. These include maroon, white, brown and pink and it is ideal for mixing with soil to improve drainage.  Our Horticultural Grit is also perfect for pot decoration or for growing cacti and alpines where drier conditions are required. It is an attractive gravel both when wet and dry so it can also be used for decorative purposes including landscaping, rockeries, water features and ponds. Please see our sizing information. BUY HORTICULTURAL GRIT 1-4MM.


  • Horticultural Grit 1-4mm
  • Horticultural Grit 1-4mm
  • Horticultural Grit 1-4mm

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This product is Fish Friendly

Horticultural Grit 1-4mm

Applications: Gardens, green houses, plant pot drainage (when mixed with soil), decorative landscaping, water features, pots and containers and ponds.

Actual Sizing: Graded between 1-4mm with some variance likely due to the nature of the material

Colour: A mixture of maroon, brown, shades of cream, white and pink

Shape: Mixture of both rounded pebbles and gravel with smaller pieces increasingly angular in shape

Material: Quartzite

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