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Onyx Gravel 20mm

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Onyx Gravel 20mm is an attractive angular mix of hardwearing gold, buff and apricot marble chippings that is ideal for adding colour to any landscaping scheme. This highly decorative stone has subtle sparkles when wet and will contrast beautifully with paving and other aggregates. It is ideal for landscaping, drives, paths, borders and raised beds and will contrast well with the surrounding greenery. The actual size of the product is 14-20mm (please see our Sizing Information) and our photographs show the product both when wet and dry.


  • Onyx Gravel 20mm
  • Onyx Gravel 20mm
  • Onyx Gravel 20mm
  • Onyx Gravel 20mm
  • Onyx Gravel 20mm
  • Onyx Gravel 20mm

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Onyx Gravel 20mm

Applications: Landscaping, decorative borders, raised beds, rockeries, driveways, foot paths, internal or external decorative use

Actual sizing: Graded 20mm - actual size 14-20mm

Colour: Shades of buff, gold and apricot, deepening in colour when wet

Shape: Angular chippings

Material: Marble

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