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Pebble Dashing Aggregates

Pebble Dashing aggregates are used to protect the external fabric of both new and refurbished buildings whilst providing a maintenance free and visually attractive finish.

Our range of pebble dashing aggregates provide you with the opportunity to add some stunning colours to your dashing and rendering projects.

From the ever popular Canterbury Spar, to the stunning Ashton Cream,  we have an excellent range of pebble dashing aggregates to enhance any rendered properties.

Several alluvial and marine shingles have been identified as contributing towards rust staining within wall finishes.  To avoid this unsightly problem we have developed a range of rust free aggregates which are identified with a rust free sign.

Coverage: As a guide, 12kgs is required to cover 1 square metre of wall. One 25kg bag will cover approximately 2 square metres.