Silver Blue Decorative Sand 0.2-0.9mm

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Featuring a subtle blend of greys that deepen when wet, our Silver Blue sand is a perfect choice for any garden or landscaping project including lawn borders and raised flower beds, decorative rockeries, ornamental water features and fish ponds. Graded between 0.2-0.9mm this sand is also attractive when laid between paving slabs helping to maintain clean lines and adding a little complementary colour. Supplied solely in Bulk Bags of 1000kg (1 tonne) and delivered on a tail lift lorry with pump truck offload please read our Delivery Info before ordering. BUY SILVER BLUE DECORATIVE SAND 0.2-0.9MM.

  • Silver Blue Decorative Sand 0.2-0.9mm
  • Silver Blue Decorative Sand 0.2-0.9mm

Product information

This product is Fish Friendly

Silver Blue Decorative Sand 0.2-0.9mm

Applications: Suitable for exposed aggregate contretes, garden borders, raised bedding and decorative rockeries. Also using for between paving slabs, ornamental water features, fish ponds and aquariums

Actual Sizing: Graded between 0.2-0.9mm and Dried

Colour: Mixed shades of grey with black that darken when wet

Material: Granite

Supply: Only sold in 1 tonne (1000kg) Bulk Bags

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