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One of our increasingly popular products, slate chippings continue to fly off the shelves due to their unrivaled versatility.

Low levels of maintenance and smooth surfaces for walking mean that they are an excellent substitute when you've finally had enough of mowing the lawn, as well a helping to create a beautiful flower bed.

Additionally, when used in a planting scheme, slate chippings are a great solution for the suppression of weeds while maintaining an attractive appearance.

Slate chips can typically come in four colours: plum, blue, green and grey. Often produced as a by-product of roofing tile manufacturing, slate chips have a good reputation for being extremely versatile in the garden.

Often used in planting schemes to create an aesthetically pleasing effect, they provide a weed-prevention factor to gardens and are much easier to maintain than soil or even woodchip. They prevent weeds by not giving them a material to root in - mainly because slate doesn't hold water so weeds can't get a foothold. It is advisable to use a membrane underneath the decorative slate chippings to prevent weeds growing up from the soil underneath. 

As well as being used in planting decorative slate chippings are also excellent for creating a border around your garden, perfect if you take a lot of pride in the appearance of your garden as this will give the beds a defined finish.

Slate chips are also commonly used in ponds and as a base for water features as they allow water through them and do not lose their colouring. Using slate chips means you can create a stunning water feature without having to replace the bottom as often and you don't need to worry about the colour draining away. 

If you aren't particularly green fingered but want to have a nice looking garden anyway, then decorative slate chippings are definitely the way to go. Simply choose your colour, or a combination of colours, and replace the turf in your garden with slate chips. This will give you a beautiful outdoor space that can be enjoyed with little to no maintenance required - perfect if you don't like mowing the lawn.

Slate chippings can also be used in driveways to create an attractive entrance and parking area for your home. They will not hold water and do not need to be maintained, except for being raked level every no and again. When considering slate chips for your driveway we advise you use our gravel calculator to figure out how much you will need. Bear in mind that slate chips will not compact easily and may move around when driven or walked upon.

Pathways are another popular option for slate chippings. Creating an even, solid surface to walk on can be important to any home, especially if strolling around the garden is something you enjoy. Try mixing different colours of slate to create a stunning pathway for you to take in your garden or outdoor space. 

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Try using slate chippings in a water feature as they look even better when that little bit wet. 

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