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How To Lay Gravel

Gravel offers an attractive, low maintenance option for your garden or landscaping scheme.


Laying it correctly the first time around will ensure you get the most out of your products so we have created this handy ‘How To’ video that will guide you through the process.


How To Use Weed Membrane

Putting a membrane down underneath your gravel or stone will not only help prevent weeds but will also help to keep the stone looking cleaner for longer.


Our useful ‘How To’ video gives you advice on both choosing the type of membrane most suited to your project and using that membrane.


How To Create Gabion Baskets

Gabion baskets can be used within a garden scheme to create a unique and tailored look in the form of a wall, decorative feature or seating area.


We have created this helpful ‘How To’ video to give you advice on both putting your gabion basket together along with suggestions on how to fill it.


How To Install Gravel Grid

A gravel grid can be used to stop your stone from migrating to areas it wasn't intended for. Also commonly known as a plastic driveway grid, gravel stabiliser, gravel driveway grid or gravel mat, this product is ideal for use on sloped areas as well as drives, paths and other areas that receive foot or vehicular traffic.


Our handy 'How To' video will give you advice on installing your gravel grid.


How To Clean Garden Stone - Part 1

Our first video gives you various tips on cleaning different types of garden stone as there are numerous ways this can be done, depending on the type of stone you have and how much effort you want to put into cleaning it.


Watch our helpful 'How To' video for suggestions on how to maintain the cleanliness of your garden stones.


How To Clean Garden Stone - Part 2

In our second video about cleaning your garden stones we delve into ways in which to clean larger areas of discoloured gravel.

Watch our helpful 'How To' video for suggestions on how to regain the previous colour of your gravel if your chippings have started to go a little green.

How To Choose And Make A Water Feature

A water feature can be a simple yet effective way to add life and movement to your garden and create a focal point. They have a soothing and calming effect and it doesn’t matter how large or small a space you have as there are options for all size areas.


Watch our helpful 'How To' video for suggestions on which water feature might be the best for your space along with tips on installing it.


Best Gravel For Your Drive

Although not technically a ‘How To’ video, we know choosing the right stone for your drive can be a daunting task.


Therefore we have created this useful video to help guide your decision on choosing the best gravel for your drive.


How Big Is A Bulk Bag?

Another video that isn't technically a ‘How To’ video, however we know it can be hard to picture how much space a bulk bag will take up when it is sitting on your drive. We have produced this video to try and put it into perspective!

How To Design A Small Garden

We realise that it can be hard to decide what to do with your garden if your outside space is limited, as you can't include everything you would like to.


Therefore we have created this helpful 'How To' video to give you suggestions on elements you can include, which won't break the bank and will make the most of your small space.


How To Use Slate In Your Garden

Slate is a versatile, low maintenance landscaping product that is available in a variety of products and styles including chippings, paddlestones, mini mulch and rockery.


This handy ‘How To’ video gives you advice on using Slate products in your garden to complement one another.


How To Design A Modern Garden

The modern garden design is all about convenience. There are a lot of options around what to include and our video discusses all the elements you may want to consider.


Our useful ‘How To’ video will guide you through all the things you may want to include in your modern garden design.


How To Lay A Patio

In our 'How To Lay A Patio' video we give you lots of hints and tips on how to successfully lay your patio.


In this video we followed a couple of landscape gardeners who specialise in patio installation. Our useful ‘How To’ video will guide you through all of the requirements for creating your own beautiful patio.


How To Make And Maintain A Gravel Garden

Gravel gardens can offer a low maintenance solution for your landscaping project, however depending on the type of gravel you choose and the area in which it is located, some gardens will be easier to maintain than others.


Our 'How To Make And Maintain A Gravel Garden' video talks you through the various things you need to consider in order to keep your garden as low maintenance as possible.


How To Makeover A Garden

This video talks through a DIY garden design and makeover. It discusses things you should consider in the planning stage as well as offering suggestions on things you may want to include.


There is a leaning towards using hard landscaping in this video rather than lots of plants as that is where our knowledge lies.


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