Halifax 1.5m Single Ring Paving Circle

Our single ring 1.5m paving circle from the Halifax range is made from premium quality wet cast concrete and is graphite grey in colour. It is ideal for creating a feature on a decorative gravelled area or lawn or as a circular base for a large garden urn or other stoneware piece. Please also view other products in the Halifax Range including Single Size Paving Slabs, Halifax Spinning Circle or the 2.4m Circle & Squaring Kit.


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Product information

Halifax 1.5m Single Ring Paving Circle 

Applications: Garden patio or other decorative paved area, paved landscape and lawn focal point, circle base for a water fountain or garden feature

Features: Premium Concrete paving

Colour: Graphite Grey

Material: Concrete

Availability: Pre-packed Pallet;

  • Pack of 9 pieces - 1x 600mm centre and a single outer ring comprising of 8 equal segments for a total diametre of 1.5 metres

Also Available: The Halifax range of products also includes complementary patio kits, stepping stones, unique walling pieces, copings and other larger circles

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  • Halifax Third Ring Circle Segment

    Halifax Third Ring Circle Segment

    Designed as an optional extra or for use as a feature in its own right the Halifax Third Ring Segment is a single ring paving circle that can be used to increase the diameter of our 2.4m Halifax Circle or to create a frame around a fish pond, water feature or lawn. Made from premium wet cast concrete in an attractive graphite grey colour that will fit well in both traditional and contemporary settings. The pack includes 16 segments supplied on a pallet weighing 320kg. PLEASE NOTE: - The photograph shows the Third Ring Circle used with Halifax Walling and Paved Spinning Circle. Please also view our Halifax Range for other complementary products.

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  • Halifax Paved Spinning Circle

    Halifax Paved Spinning Circle

    Made from premium quality wet cast concrete this graphite grey Halifax Spinning Circle features specially shaped segments designed to fit together to create a paved circle with a swirling, spinning design which will make an interesting feature in your garden or landscaping scheme. The pack includes 41 segments that are supplied on a pallet weighing around 385kg and once laid the circle has a centre piece which is surrounded by two circle rings that create the spinning effect and has a diameter of approximately 2.4 metres. PLEASE NOTE: - The photograph shows the spinning circle used with Halifax Walling and Third Ring Circle Segment. Please also view other complementary Halifax Products for matching items.

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  • Halifax Paving Circle & Optional Squaring Kit

    Halifax Paving Circle & Optional Squaring Kit

    Our Halifax 2.4 metre Paving Circle is made from premium quality wet cast concrete and is available in a graphite grey colour with an optional squaring off kit. Perfectly suited to both traditional and modern landscaping designs it comprises of a pallet of 25 segments that create a circle with a diameter of 2.4 metres that increases to 2.7 metres if you include the optional 28 piece squaring off kit. Please also view our Halifax Products for other products available in this range.

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  • Halifax Concrete Walling

    Halifax Concrete Walling

    Halifax walling is a premium wet cast concrete walling block featuring a double sided design creating the effect of an old natural stone wall. Unlike other similar blocks on the market our Halifax Walling is unique as it has a decorative face on both sides allowing you to build a wall that is the same on each side without the need for a thicker double skin wall. Available in graphite grey colour and supplied in packs of 56 full blocks measuring 440 x 140 x 115mm or 64 half block at 225 x 140 x 115mm each. Please also view the other products in our Halifax Range including the Concrete Stone Copings to finish off your decorative Halifax Wall. The photograph shows the walling with Halifax copings and paving slabs.

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  • Halifax Stone on End Copings

    Halifax Stone on End Copings

    Finish your Halifax Walling with our premium wet cast concrete coping stones that are designed to be placed at right angles along the top of your wall to give a decorative finish. The deep graphite grey fits well in both traditional and contemporary garden designs. They can also be used as a lawn edging, a divide between borders or as a decorative property perimeter to deter anyone from driving over a lawn edge or gravelled area. Available in packs of 35 pieces that measure 440 x 170 x 100mm. Please also view our other Halifax Products including the Halifax Concrete Walling. The photograph shows the copings used with Halifax walling and paving slabs.


    Price shown below includes delivery and VAT